Razzia - Cinematic platformer

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  • Thank you JanLindso, go Scandinavia

    I'm currently getting swimming into the game. Here's a gif

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  • So I wrote a blogpost on Gamasutra about my problems with static screen gameplay and widescreen and after a few days it sorta hit the frontpage for some reason:

    If anyone want to read it you're most welcome and if you want to discuss the issue here on the thread I'd glady do so since the topic interests me (technology limiting design) a lot.

  • I prefer the new style too. Looking at Flashback or Another world they have even fewer colour variations and details, but clever use of space. Your game is looking great. I love cinematic style games, AW and FB where some of the first I played on the Amiga.

  • Thank you 4ror!

    I've been working the last few weeks on reworking parts of the engine to make developing more efficient, I took the time to implement moving screenchange (as opposed to an instant change) and I also (finally) fully implemented the teleporter. Immediate improvements/changes can be viewed below, hope you like it

  • Love the teleport animation when the character falls out the other side. Very nicely done.

  • Wow, the character movements and animations are very very good.

    It must have been very hard to pay attention to such details.

    I love Flashback and I'm definetely looking forward to your game.

    One thing though: When they are in a position to dodge bullets it looks

    weird because they're not hiding behind anything on the scenario. It's like

    they became invisible or something.

    Well done, sir!

  • Ethan Thank you, I thought it turned out good too!

    byondisoft Thanks! It's certainly hard work getting every animation working like they should but it's worth the effort! Yeah I'm actually working on specific cover spots for the game right now, the bigger problem is getting the enemy AI to utilize them as well.

  • eliasfrost: Ah, I see. That's great. I once saw an example (different game engine)

    that there were some hidden spots/sprites around certain places. When any character

    touched that specific spot it would allow an additional move. I'm not sure how complex

    that was though.

    Keep the good work and keep us updated.

  • That's pretty much how I've planned. With the updated engine I have a tilemap that acts like a trigger mask for the levels and whenever I need a new trigger I just add a new tile and check whether the character is overlapping the new tile and then do the thing I want. Much easier than before when every trigger was its own sprite (which was super inefficient)

    Thank you, stay tuned

    • I've updated the running animation for the main character and improved the animation when jumping to grab a ledge.
    • I've also implemented cover, your character can only take cover in specific areas (like the dark areas and the trees), enemies now detect the cover furthest from the player and roll into it.
    • I'm also working on getting various mechanisms to work together, like levers, pressure plates, lasers and things like that. here's an example with a lever that activate rocks that fall down onto pressure plates that then activate the next rock).
  • It's really cooooool

  • Looking really good. I may get round to making a similar styled game eventually but I think I have a lot more to learn first.

  • I finally bumped in to this project. It looks wonderful!

  • Thank you MegatronX, Altus and Genejoke!

    I'm currently doing some stuff on the side hence why there's been little in the way of updates lately. I'm also working on storyboarding and some boring stuff like menus and options but once I have something worth showing I will update this thread, stay tuned!

  • I must just say woah! The first screens in the beginning just took me so vividly back to Oddworld <3 I love those first two Abe's games. Munch was a disappointment and Stranger's I haven't even played. You have really put in some work into the animations here. I am glad you did. Makes things soo much smoother. Screens look very good. Nicely decorated and detailed without becoming too much.

    I read the post regarding music. I'd really like to hear more ambient noises instead of constant music throughout the game. Situations and events do require it but good environment replaces the music nicely

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