Post screenshots of what you're working on!!

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  • > wow, fantastic Minor ! i really admire what your doing there and did with your low res dungeon project! did you ever consider writing a post where you explain how the maze is generated and the different wall sprites are set? That would be absolutely fantastic and would drive me to continue my abandonend dungeon project



    Thank you. I can write a tutorial on the maze generation if it would be of some use. The tiling is bitwise tiling and I think there are a couple of tutorials on that already but I can also do that too. I'll also comment the capx and post it for anyone to have a play around with.

    Give me a couple of days for the capx and a bit longer for an explanation.


    > Minor Indeed. this is really fantastic!


    Thank you sir

    woohoo, that would be great! youre great !

  • I'm working on a platform pixel art game, please submit feedback, i'm searching help, if everyone interested contact me.

  • i'm making a roguelite action adventure game with procedural generation while keeping track of my process in a devlog

    Devlog here:

    only in portuguese for now, but i'm planning to make a tumblr with a english translation of my steps

  • Finished commenting the capx for maze generation and the solver.

    HTML5 Demo


      R - Generates a new maze Left click - Place start point Right click - Place end point Spacebar - Solve Maze C - Clear solved path so you can find on new one on the same maze

    I've tried my best to explain how the maze is generated but I'm not great at it. I hope the explanation makes some sense or you can at least work it out from the events.


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  • Finished commenting the capx for maze generation and the solver.

    Thats amazing! Thank you!

    now i can spend the weekend trying to understand whats exactly happening there.

    but your comments seem very detailed (didnt read all yet), so it should be only my mind thats delaying the understanding part on my side

    Thank you very much!

  • Wow I just have to comment out here.

    Looking through the post screen shots forums I am just completely amazed, blown away at the major talents that exist here in Construct community and happy to be part of it. When I look at some of the stuff being made out there with construct and also see some of you guys & girls posting tutorials and help in the various forums here, you know its quality help. Just wanted to say thx in advance for all the questions I will ask on this board

    And awesome work on these games, cant wait to play some when they are finished!

  • Happy Halloween!

    I made a few alternate sprites for Reliquary that'll show up whenever the player's system date is October 31st.

  • [attachment=0:rvt0ciei][/attachment:rvt0ciei]

    A shot from my mobile game project called Blitz (for now). This is just a shot showing the new conveyor belts and the work in progress colour scheme.

    You can check out more here:

  • A secret room in my upcoming game Ghost Blaster

  • DARTH I would add some green lava in the room too, but you can step on it and it doesn't kill you, so when the player sees that room and the wall they say "nah".

  • Wisdoms

    quite like that idea, thanks

    and happy birthday

  • Working on lighting effects:

  • do you do this lighting? :O

  • Working on fighting system in the upcoming project

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