Post screenshots of what you're working on!!

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  • Hi!

    I'm quite new here but I'd like to post a screenshot of my 2d platformer project I've been working on for a while now. I bet most of you know how hard it is to progress fast if you have a full time job so I'm not planning on publishing it in the near future still I'm looking forward to your oppinions.

    thx in advance

  • Three things right now. Two in Construct 2 and one in Game Maker.

    Can you guess which is which ?

  • It looks neat, Myristavia ! A few pointers that may help you a bit in defining your art style. I might try to find a way to either break up how much bevel/emboss you're doing in photoshop or find a way to hide it a bit. I would also look into colors for your lighting and shading other than white/black. Outside, shadows are typically dark blue, though your eyes will trick you. I also like having a bit of a yellowish hue in the lighting, but that's up to you. All of your artwork is very bright, contrasty, and colorful (which are good things, and not all of them are words...), but be sure to add some fog or something behind the main layer of play so players don't get confused about what they can interact with and what they cannot. Background confusion is a common challenge for platformers, so work on fixing it as soon as possible. It's coming along nicely, though, and I definitely can related to the job + game dev thing (as can many), so keep on pushing through!

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  • C-7

    Really good tips man

    Myristavia & Sean Noonan

    Your games look cool! I really love the Gameboy-IndianaJones

  • Three things right now. Two in Construct 2 and one in Game Maker.

    Can you guess which is which ?

    Top 2 are C2 and bottom one is GM?

  • Top 2 are C2 and bottom one is GM?

    Nope! The top and bottom are C2 and the middle is GM

    Proof that the engine does not define the visuals

  • Three things right now. Two in Construct 2 and one in Game Maker.

    Can you guess which is which ?

    Great games!! That cloud caught my attention, it looks the coolest of all for me

  • I haven't posted any new shots in a while. I've been a bit quieter about development for a while, but here are two new shots from Courier!

    And I'll be live-streaming some mapping tomorrow night (Sep 4) at 10:30 EST here:

  • Courier looks pretty nice, is it 3D-rendered?

  • Courier looks pretty nice, is it 3D-rendered?

    No, none of it is. It's all mouse-drawn in photoshop.

  • My Untitled Isometric Action/Horror Game!

    Game will have:

    1. Day night cycle.

    2. Weather effect (if I ever afford to buy the licensed version!)

    3. Dynamic Map creation

    4. Of course awesome graphics created by dear brother!


  • 2spooky

  • You've been spooked by the spooky skeleton!!

  • After banging my head against the wall for a couple days, I finally figured out a simple solution for procedurally generating Zelda/BoI style dungeon layouts using a mining method that builds door locations as it goes. I particularly like that this method always ends with the boss room having a single entrance and is probabilistically the furthest from the start location.

    Green = Start

    Yellow = Random Item Room

    Red = Boss

  • Man, i should bang my head against a wall more often!

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