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  • Not much really at this point, but I thought I could start devlog sort of thing from this.

    At this point you can build two buildings, Command Center and Factory. From Command Center you can build Workers to build more stuff. Factory doesn't do anything yet.

    Some possible features:

    -You can make layouts for your units before mach start. About six different layouts for infantry, light vehicles, heavy vehicles, planes and defencive structures. Possibly ships. You could chose the base frames, main weapons, sub weapons, some special abilities (EMP), extra armor etc. This will then determine how much your unit costs in the game and what tech does it reguire.

    -Possibly limited resources for the units so it would be usefull to have some supply units with the army.

    -Two mineral manage. Power from factorys and one mining mineral.

    -Call the powerful Command ship to the battle and if that is destroyed it is instant lose.

    -Multiplayer even if it takes 100 years to implement.

    -AI player

    -Branching singleplayer campain.

    -Level/mission editor.

    Some controls:

    arrows or window border to scroll camera

    mouse does various things

    for performance debug:

    F = toggle fog

    T = bit more realistic group movement

    R = animations

    Z = Zorder

    Q = Full screen scale quality

    Final game will be exported with Node-webkit so chrome is best options to test.

    Try here

  • Looks very good. Not much to do in the demo but it all worked

  • Love the way you made them move in formation!!

    How did you do it? :p Boids?

  • mrnannings, workers still sometimes don't get picked quite right and that building in general needs a bit improvement.

    , It is almost the same as in RTS template.

  • Looks nice so far. I am currently working on an diablo-like game and have to deal with isometric/dimetric views too.

    Couldn't figure out how to build a building. If it is already integrated how did you solve that soldiers can run around buildings? I am going to try it with an array and to put all relevant objects (with ID/UID) and their Y into an array and sort them. Hope this is not going to cost much performance.

    Cool Idea so far. Keep going. First time I see something like this made with construct2.



  • , If you mean where they go when they are ordered to build. The building has variable how many workers are on the job and image points with numbers for all the possible workers and when they are ordered to the site it loops them through and they find path to basically variable.workers+loopindex (don't know if that explained anyhing). However if you have a lot of workers selected it doesn't always work too well. I already rebuild the whole system once and maybe have to do it again at somepoint. Similar system to c&c would have been much easier to do, but I guess I want to struggle with this

    Would be nice to see how that Diablo-like game is working out.

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  • This looks really cool!

    I had some trouble scrolling up with my mouse (Chrome 33 on Win8.1) - but was able to use keyboard.

    Is there a tutorial on building isometric RTS? I'm currently playing with the RTS template which is top down.

    What did you use to create your building and character sprites?

    Anyway - this is super cool, keep it up

  • jwoods, Actually I usually have mouse scrolling disabled begause it gets annoying on debugging and I forgot to activate move up and noticed when it was already here. Well I was just too lazy to re export

    [quote:18slevtl]Is there a tutorial on building isometric RTS?

    To my knowledge no, but try searching isometric and you will find something.

    [quote:18slevtl]What did you use to create your building and character sprites?

    Blender. I am learning to use that better. It isn't as hard as I remember. Also with cycles render I don't think I ever need another 3d program.

  • Looks really nice! works fine at this point! congrats

  • You have me excited about using Construct for a couple of ISO game ideas floating in my head. Nice job!

  • THIS LOOKS AWESOME!! I been exploring various features of Construct 2 since past one week. I too primarily want to create an isometric game. But was sad not to find any information regarding it. Looks like C2 does not have an inbuilt Isometric renderer/feature. I would love to see how you are draw those tiles and handling the Pathfinding, do you define polygons at the bottom of the building?

    Also how do you handling the Z-order(layering) of floor/characters and buildings? Eg: You solider is perfectly walking infront and behind a building. How did you achieve that?

    I hope you can write a short article on this. ... I am sure you will be an overnight HERO here!!

  • SamRock Here is some good info about isometric projection. I also use this method

    You don't really need any special isometric renderer. The idea is that the actual game logic happens on separate invisible "regular grid" layer and the isometric objects are just drawn with certain formula from objects from that layer.

    I also posted isometric tilemap example using two Tilemap objects here

    For Z order I but all Sprites that need to be sorted to Zorder family and then if something moves on screen or camera is moved I call the update using zorder global number. Not function because on my understanding that could call it many times per tick. Not completely sure though.

    For the update you can use.

    For eagh (ordered) ascending
    => move to Top[/code:3nvqr69g]
    Also to for better performance I use every second for the update based on Zorder objects on screen something like
    [code:3nvqr69g]every ZobjectOnScreen/500 seconds[/code:3nvqr69g]
    Making the update every tick can be a bit much specially if you have one wall tile as single object. You notice this in my game if you train a lot of units it's not so perfect anymore  Also note that on C2 version r166 there is some event engine performance improvements and this might be a bit faster as well. Just experiment with it and see what is acceptable.
    I was thinking about making tutorial about this, but I would maybe like to add some other functionality as well. Maybe floors and hills, but then it would start to be almost some sort of isometric engine and quite a bit of work. Would be interesting though
  • Katala Looking real good... would be lookign forward to a tutorial if you ever decide to make one iso engine would be nice too ... glad to see you're using Blender. I used to be a max user when I found blender I stopped using max all together... plus its free you can't really compete with that.

  • (Your very useful reply!!)

    Katala Thank you sooo much for the detailed explanation, your sample file gave me a good idea on how you are rendering the tiles. Till few mins ago, I was infact trying to rewrite the TileMap Plugin with a new name

    But unfortunately I am not able to understand whats happening within it. Also Construct 2 seems to be looking for the name "TileMap" and wont load the TileMap.png file by default into the tile selector.

    Few years ago, I wrote my own Isometric World editor on VB and C#. I stopped when it came to creating AI and pathfinding

    BTW did you try creating a isometric TileMap using the C2 tilemap plugin? I am not able to crack the Draw function.

    Again thanks for the response and great example file... on to trying out C2 to the fullest

  • SamRock Do you mean did I try to edit the Tilemap plugin? Well I cannot really code.

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