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  • Katala

    I love RTS... i have one aswell in plan... but i have like 35 FPS playing with those 5 soldiers in your demo in FF !!??

    (my PC 3GHz quad xeon 8GB , SSD, GF660TI 2GB)

    I know im late, but the reason the guy below you is getting better framerate with an i5 and a lesser video card, is because Xeon processors are built for servers. Thats about all they are good for. They are built specifically to serve data out to other machines while doing basic software functions.

    I hate to say it, but you could drop in a 2.6 core 2 duo and get better framerate. Also quadcores are still abit over hyped unless you use software that support them. Windows 10 is supposed to have a new "force multi-core" mode, so maybe people can get their money's worth.

  • Jermfire

    Thanks for the info.

  • Could you explain how you made the soldiers move in isometric mode.

    I haven't found any tutorial on this theme.

    I am a beginner and I can't understend how to snap animation frames to the movement directions.

  • bangoo

    For 8-direction animation you could use

    set "direction" variable

    int(((self.8Direction.MovingAngle+360+45/2) %360)/45)[/code:20nhk3ck]
    and use "stage" like idle,walk, etc. So set animation should be something like.
    Set animation.
    [code:20nhk3ck] player.stage & player.direction[/code:20nhk3ck]
    Animations could be idle0,idle1... idle7. Starting from down right and going clockwise.
  • int(((self.8Direction.MovingAngle+360+45/2) %360)/45)[/code:213j47hs]
    Thanks for code, it works fine but units stick together and I have no idea how to make your code work with formation of sprites. 
    I have found an intresting example of formation movement by  Reuben (attached).
    but if the formation goes round the obstacle sprites animation freezes. 
    It may happen because of my animation code:
    The use of angles may be is not the best way to make an animation but with your code it works nice.
  • bangoo

    It has nothing to do with moving units in formation. Only setting animation direction. I pretty much use same thing for formation as in RTS template.

  • Liking what you've done. The unit selection and movement is great.

  • Katala

    RTS CREATOR doesn't have human units. Demo available on steam, maybe you can learn something from it. Your human units walk good.

  • Nice Project, looks really cool.

    Do you have any plans to implement collision avoidance for the units? I think thats still the base problem to be fixed

  • xeed

    It was intentionally left out. I thought it would make the AI overly complicated and probably acting "dumb". Also I thought it would be CPU taxing and I already had a lot of performance problems. Maybe it would be easier now with pathfinding collision cells but, currently I have no plans to continue this project. I guess if I would do it it would be only for vehicles.

  • Katala


    Do you care to share your projects capx so we can learn from it?


  • Love the idea, needs much of work though! keep on going.

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  • Works to me so far. Keep up the good work.

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