Marauders Revision 2 (X!)

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  • So now that I have released Eternal step I am going back to my old game that I posted here earlier. <--- old version

    I have learnt a lot since then so the games being completely redone in c2 and the animations enhanced with added shading. First bits of work done for this version:

  • Good animations, and I saw some video of the old version, also the one of the Ursa Boss...

    Great work really, but IT seems nearly IMPOSSIBLE to me...

    It is effectively difficult or am I simply becoming too old?

  • My previous level designs probably did not ease you into the game well enough and had too much difficulty from the beginning. I'll make sure to add some gameplay elements in the beginning that will hint to you at everything the character can do better.

    Basically the game works in that when you slash it is one hit one kill apart from bosses then you have a slash gauge that needs to refill before the next attack. This can instantly be refilled from one big, 2 medium or 3 small enemies.

    The main second thing you need to use at all times is evading, it has a large distance and you are invincible throughout. It's what you'll need to avoid most attacks.

    I also do want the difficulty fairly high but hopefully not that bad that people would think it is nigh impossible to finish.

  • Wow!! That's looking nice!!

    I see the trailer on youtube!!

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  • Nice looking animations

  • That is some solid animation i look forward to seeing more of the game!

  • Thanks for the compliments. I'm currently going through the old files and adding some shading to everything so sadly it may be a little while before I start getting the groundwork done in c2.

  • While waiting for additional views, would you mind sharing premise/backstory/synopsis stuff if you have something to share in that area?

  • Ok sure.

    How the game works:

    Theme for the game was one hit one kill. Unless its a boss battle any enemy can be killed in one hit.

    You have a bar that needs to be full to attack. killing 3 small, 2 medium or one big enemy will instantly fill the bar.

    An attack is a really fast sword slash quick draw iaido style.

    Levels are split into really short chunks that you have only three health to complete.

    Game synopsis:

    A world where shipments are launched from earth to space colonies.

    There are many sky pirates that attack these rockets to steal the cargo.

    You are Corona. A sky pirate who has decided to conquer the other sky pirates in your land.

    Here's a link to the old game I was working on a year or so ago: ...

    There will be a lot of changes to this one but mainly:

    a good gui.

    altered to ingame style story over pictures.

    snappier level finish.

    360 degree slash instead of 8 directions.

    ways to tell if an enemyis small/medium/large.

    redesigned levels.

    art improvements.

  • Thank you for sharing! The plan sounds solid and good Mobile or PC?

  • PC only currently planned. Phones as of yet wouldn't handle the sizes I will be using for the game

  • Pretty much all the standard animations for the main character reshaded.

    Next will probably be a controls demo to get the main mechanics sorted.

  • I updated a few new shield in my old game then got around to testing out graphics and controls in a test map for this game.

    you can try the testmap to to game here:

    There aren't any sounds yet but it should get across the gameplay elements.

    Edit: added in some particles for foliage. Well... tried to add particles but couldn't set an initial angle so instead made sprites with bullet/fade/rotate.

  • Damn, seeing it moving, it's really cool...

    Beautiful also your "custom" concept of the sword use.

  • Thanks for the input. How did you get on with having to wait if you miss an attack? I also recently just uploaded it to have sound so theres a new version with some slight tweaks.

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