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The fear of darkness is coming "DARK HORROR MASTER"
  • Dim is the RPG-Platformer I am currently working on in construct 2. Dim will take you on a black horror adventure through all of the scary old folklore/tales you may or may not have read up on. The game will feature much more dark scenery and decorations than what I have created thus far. The picture is just a mock-up to give you a sort of preview of whats to come. None of the current graphics are final, everything is subject to change. My plan is to eventually have this designed for mobile but as of currently, it will only be developed for PC/Mac. I would also like to add this to steam when it is completed. If you are experienced in construct 2, want to help develop DIM and are willing to profit share than please contact me via PM or Email: cummingsniko@gmail.com

    Also: Just Created a face book page http://www.facebook.com/dimhorrortales

    And a website: http://www.dimhorrortales.com

    Like the FB Page and check out the website for an updated Dev Blog!

    Main Menu Built In Construct 2

    The Game In Action!

    Completed Features:

    -Choose Your Characters Name

    -Player Animations and Movement

    -Save and Load Games

    -Scary Background Music

    -Jump, Double Jump, Physics/Gravity, Climb Walls

    -Sliding/Moving Platforms

    -Jump Attack Enemy's

    -Gain Experience Points and Level Up Your Character

    -As You Level Up Your Overall Health Expands

    -Receive Damage By Enemy's

    -Working Health Bar, Loose Health When Attacked

    -Health Auto Rejuvenates Over Time

    Features To Come:

    -Smart Enemy AI


    -Items and Inventory

    -Storyboard Styled Quests

    -Npc Characters To Meet

    -Dialogue System

    -Smart Quest Bosses

    -More Terrain and Interior Scenery/Levels

    Quest 1- The Black Dog Of Hanging Hills

    Your first quest begins when you pass through the hanging hills. The scenery here is quite dreadful, Hundreds of body's hanging from trees. Blood and worms and swarms of flies. I'm not so sure why anyone would even pass by here... But you did... Start your quest by speaking with a local of the hills. He will give you a bit of history on the hanging hills and send you on your way to observe the area. As your walking through here You notice a small black dog following you through the area. If you search the crates nearby you will find a piece of cooked meat. give this to the dog and he will go away. If you go back to the local and tell him about the black dog you saw, the man will start to panic and get upset. You ask him what all the worry was about, after all it was just a cute stray right? The man tells you about the legend of the black dog on hanging hills. He said "If you see the dog once it shall be for joy; and if twice, it shall be for sorrow; and the third time, You shall die.’” He laughed. “That’s just superstition.” You tell the man you don't believe in superstitions and move along. Wandering through the hills you see the dog again only this time he has an evil stare and hardened blood on his coat. You pay no mind and convince your self this is a mere coincident. When you arrive back at the main area of the hills something is different.. The local you have been talking to has vanished. This cannot be good. You start moving around looking for him but nothing, until you stumble across a trail of blood that is. You follow the trail which of course leads you to the locals dead corpse. When you examine the body you notice teeth and claw marks all over. Your only option is to head back t the hills no and guess what? This will be your third time you've seen the black dog. Fight time! Will you see death like the legend says? Or will your reign victorious?

    Quest 2- The Jersey Devil

    Your Second quest will begin when you talk to a Lost soul. He seems restless so you ask him if he needs any help. He replies with "I just died last week but for some reason am still here..." You tell him maybe there is something he still needs to do before he can move on from this plane. He says "Well actually, my dearest wife Daisy is pregnant and I need to know that our baby is okay. Will you make sure my baby is delivered healthy?" You tell the soul you will help him and venture off to find daisy. When you do find daisy in her shack she will be surrounded by women trying to help deliver the baby. You tell her about her husbands soul and daisy requests that you deliver the baby for her. Blood is squirting everywhere in the house but you manage to deliver the baby safe and sound. Daisy thanks you for your good deed and rewards you with a bit of gold. As soon as you are about to leave the house the door locks and you are trapped. Dark horror music begins to play and the room erupted with screams. The new born child grew at an enormous rate, becoming taller than a man and changing into a beast which resembled a dragon, with a head like a horse, a snake-like body and bat's wings. You must defeat the jersey devil to fully complete the quest.

    Quests To Come:

    -A Cows Head

    -The Death Coach

    -Ghosts of Ringwood Manor

    -Jack and the Devil

    -Lady in Lace

    -Phantom Drummer

    -Ogopogo, the Lake Monster

    -Feel free to add any suggestions, like features or certain scary folklore that you may know of!

  • Just Got some real work done to the game So I no longer have to show everyone my "Mock-Ups". I have been working on the main menu, basic physics, player animations, platforms, collision detection, Basic GUI Elements and much more. So here is a screenshot to sort of update you all on the development progress.

  • hell yeah

  • Started working on particles today, I am getting closer to the effect I wanted but am not quite there yet. Added more graphics in game like lamp posts, candles, torches, fences and grass. My next step will be to look into lighting effects for the game.

    Here is a visual update for you:

    Ive added a bit of particles and animation to the street lamps, i have added a moon to the night sky and also some clouds as well.

  • how do i try to playing this game ?

  • I will be posting a playable demo version of this game as soon as one is available. The demo will most likely be exclusive to this forums. My plan is to apply for steam green-light for this project.

    Also: Just Created a face book page

    And a website:

    Like the FB Page and check out the website for an updated Dev Blog!

  • I've been following this thread for a moment now. I like the look of the game but there is just one thing that jumps at my face every time. First is the roof of the house. Be considerate of the perspective. In the latest screenshot the house is from the ground perspective and the roof is directly from the top. It would look much better if the roof was viewed from the side like the house. Otherwise things look great. I'd also suggest pixeling the fonts and other objects as well so the visual experience becomes coherent throughout the game

  • Hello taistelusopuli, I was waiting for you to make a post here. You seem to be very active on these forums. Ive updated the roof tops to go along with the perspective of the game. Fixed the big tomb stones a bit and added a bit of light and shading to the big black trees. They were very flat and lacked depth.

    Most graphics including the logo and other aspects are merely drafts and mock-ups. A lot will change in due time. The game is still in very early development. Thanks for the support guys.

  • Nicotine Now this looks better! It is important to be consistent with the perspective. This works great but if you want to experiment you can even try a completely flat design. Meaning that the player would see only the side of the roof. Good job there

    I am looking forward to see the actual designs on the other graphics!

    Yah, I try to be very active. In the world of collaborative creativity (games, films and the likes) the only way to go is to get into a community. I don't know much about programming and the details of game design but I know when I see and experience something I like, I contribute with what ever I can that could be of worth

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  • nice arts improvements

    I'll keep an eye on it

    Good luck ^^

  • Another update. New housing variants. Large tree variants. I also added a new type of dead tree. The old ones seemed very small. Some more particles added.

    What do you all think about the tree changes? I liked the style of the old leafless trees, I just thought they did not fit the style well. Plus they were a bit small. Better? Worse? I love to hear your thoughts.

  • Hmmm... I am starting to think that I'm over achieving here... Just loading my graphics into construct 2 and some very simple programming added I have been experiencing lag when my player jumps and moves.. Should I re think trying to achieve this game in construct2?

    I'm assuming I have far too many objects.

  • Remember not to waste your memory

    Are you using tilemaps? What size are your images?

  • Thank you for that link. Most of my repeating images are tile backgrounds. My normal sizes are like 32x32 for most images except trees.


  • Now this looks good! Nice background you have there.

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