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  • bclikesyou: Would it be more memory efficient to just use a tileset? I could put the trees and everything on the tileset. Or use a tileset for everything but the trees? And render the trees as objects in construct? Also how big can a tileset be before it starts killing memory?

    I love you.

  • You are most welcome Nicotine!

  • Hi,

    I really like how you are stepping out the ideas for your game with the community.

    Your quest, The Jersey Devil, caught my attention here ... I'm from New Jersey (live in Ohio now) and thought I would just add that the area in New Jersey which the Jersey Devil folklore hales from in know as the Pine Barrens---which has lots of pine trees---so you might want to consider some Pine trees during this level of the game play just for good measure. The New Jersey Parkway is a major thoroughfare that runs North and South in New Jersey and runs through the Pine Barrens.

    Here's an idea.

    There is another horror folklore story that takes place in Staten Island, New York----a man the people called 'Cropsy' ----there is a documentary film about it running on Netflix right now. If my memory serves me, Something about a man who was killing children near an old inactive mental hospital that use to house people/children who were removed from their homes because of tuberculosis back in the day. Could make for another interesting quest. Look it up.

    In the meantime, have fun making your game.

  • Hey nicotine, do you still want my help? We haven't spoken in a while

  • Hello, Niko here. Today I just wanted to post up a few smaller updates that have been introduced to Dim. Upon your first entrance into Dim You will now see a small pop up window that explains how to operate the game. I think we will stick with this rather than creating a whole tutorial. Anyway to Hide this screen you can hit the h button on your keyboards. I have also incorporated the save and load options. You can now hit the s key on the keyboard to save game during game play and load your save games in the main menu when you launch Dim. The leveling system is now in place, currently you can make it to lvl 4. I will be adding more over time. Players can now me damaged by enemy's, the player will flash when taking damage and their health will go down.

    Good idea about the pine trees, its nice to here your side of the story seeing as your from the area. All I have is story's from the internet and I never know how accurate they are. Also thanks for the other horror folklore idea.

    Keep submitting ideas guys!! I am up for creative collaborations. Thanks for all the support everyone!

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  • Here are some new visuals for you.

    Updated Main Menu:

    Game Updates:

    The player leveling system is now incorporated, the player can kill enemy's and receive exp. When enough exp is gained the player will level up and their over all health is increased. The player starts with 100 health but can gain much more over time. The damage to players by enemy's is also implemented. Enemy's deal different damage, when a player is hit their health bar will decrease.

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