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    Lily Velez, daughter of famous archaeologist Victor Velez, returns home to her family's estate following news of her father's sudden disappearance. Intent on finding clues to her missing father's whereabouts, and evidence to prove his innocents involving a scandal within his company, Lily begins her search. However, she is about to uncover something that will take her far beyond her own investigation. Something that will force her to fight for her very survival. Follow Lily into her own worst nightmare as she uncovers the dark and sadistic history that lies within the walls of the House of Velez.


    House of Velez is a horror game based around stealth/puzzle elements. It emphasizes sneaking, running and hiding mechanics to surpass obstacles rather than combat.

    The game features a "Focus Mode" that allows you to see your pursuers' field of vision and hearing radius, while also monitoring your own noise levels.

    Another feature is "Heart Rate Suppression" that restricts movement, but allows you to become "invisible" when used effectively.

    House of Velez draws inspiration from titles like Haunting Ground and even film such as the 1980's Hellraiser.




    House of Velez - Part 2 is now complete!

  • Does this game use Tank Controls?

    Steady camera like classic RE or Rotating like Silent Hill?

    This looks f'kng amazing. I miss playing these types of games.

  • Nah, it's designed to look like those games, but since it's still C2 the game is still 2D. So side-to-side movement. The in-game graphics and cutscene graphics are the same, so when you open doors and use stairs it transitions seamlessly between the two to give the feeling of a 3D world. It's the closest I could get to the classics while using C2.

    Thank you though! I'm glad you like it!

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  • Cool game I really like the idea of rendering 3D art in 2D games, like Diablo 2 and Starcraft, like in the old days. Its nice to not have to care about poly count, texture resolutions and stuffs, just export it and handle the layers in the engine, right?

    Does it take a lot of memory with the cut scenes and art assets?

    Are the combat going to be like in Lone Survivor, like hiding in the shadows? And are there going to be puzzles?

  • Yup, no need to worry about 3D specs here. They're all just sprites by the time they get to the engine.

    The cutscenes surprisingly take the least amount of memory out of everything! It could be because they're in .ogv format too though. But yeah, the sprites and layout images take up all the space. But then again they are all in .png and everything is rendered at 1500x1125 before they are cropped however they will need to be. So a lot of the action and cutscenes will actually be video files instead of sprite animations.

    There won't be any combat in this game, which is mostly due to trying to preserve the large scale visuals while keeping the overall project size as small as possible so it won't bog down the engine. It is all stealth-based instead. So yeah, hiding in shadows, inside cubbards, behind or underneath things... And of course there will be puzzles in it as well. But they won't be the traditional Silent Hill riddle-type puzzles. Instead they will be more interactive on the layout, and some may act as a threat as well. Kind of like what The Witch's House did. I also have a Fallout style lock picking system made too. These are some of the things I will have to show in the next video for sure.

  • .ogv, interesting, I will have to check out how it works in construct. I just assumed that video would take to much space. I actually made a kind of point and click game based on video recordings of a real world place, but exported it to images instead of having videos. It pretty cool when the camera moves in a otherwise static environment, I will have to check it out

    Yeah, stealth fits well. I didn't know about The Witch's House, looks pretty interesting. I really like the mood in Silent Hill 1 and 2, but the puzzles, could get a little frustrating. You had to find the parts AND figure out the puzzle. I remember that I a couple of times was wondering whenever I should look for more parts or try to figure out the puzzle with what I already have. I guess that what you mean with environmental puzzles is more about finding the parts, instead of focusing on putting them together in the right order? I watched some game play from a ps1 game "forget me not Pallet", also made in rpg maker. Its not a horror game but might have similar puzzles, but focus also on unfolding forgotten memories.

    Nice, I'm not reading that often on this forum, but I added the rss from your youtube channel. Good luck with the project

  • Video can stay pretty small depending on how you do it. Keeping music files separate from the video definitely helps out.

    The main reason for having the puzzles as an interactive form, rather than an item-based form is because of my lack of understanding arrays. Without knowing how to use them it makes it difficult to have things like inventory management and things like that. I know there are other ways, but the tutorials I've found don't do it for me. I'm an animator, not a numbers guy. :/

    Thank you though! I look forward to coming out with more updates soon!

  • This new gameplay video gives us a quick look at using the stealth system in House of Velez!

  • The puzzles in House of Velez can seem a bit odd, but in the end they are just familiar enough to call back some old memories.

  • Some of the pursuers in House of Velez are not just threatening, they can be down-right creepy...

  • This latest gameplay video shows how lock picking will be handled in House of Velez!

  • Such a throwback to the days of PSX! <3 I saw more of the videos on YouTube and really liked what I saw. Is the music final or placeholder? If final, it was good!

  • Hey thanks man! It's nice to see this game getting a little love. I was starting to get worried! Yes, the music shown is final.

  • Such good work! =) when are you releasing?

  • Ehh the full game? I hope within 2017. But I am going to have a demo ready to go well before then for sure. It will cover the Prologue and the first chapter, so there's going to be plenty to see and play. Prologue is already complete and chapter 1 is about 60% complete, so it's already pretty close to being demo time now.

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