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  • We'll have to see what happens. Thanks for your support!

  • House of Velez now has a Facebook page up and running! Feel free to follow the game here to keep up with all the latest updates! ... 942792421/

  • Another of the "things" that inhabit the house of Velez.

  • Screenshot from the final scenes of Part 1 of House of Velez! Things are finally nearly complete!

  • I've bumped into a strange problem with C2. Sometimes when using the load feature in-game, the game will load everything as normal. And sometimes when I load the same game file, the music and occasionally some sound effects will not load or play!

    Anybody else ever run into this? I'm using the Node Webkit.

    The game is complete, but this one sometimes-occurring bug really takes the shine off this game's overall polish.

  • Hookay, wellp I've been trying to figure this audio bug thing out for like a week now. And almost as soon as I finally break down and ask for help (above) I figure out how to solve the problem!

    So for anyone else who bumps into this I'll jot down what I did.

    First, I installed the latest version of C2. This one has a new option (new to me) under the audio object called "unload all audio."

    So just before I use the load game command, I use this new unload all audio command. I'm assuming this is clearing some kind of audio cache that may be building up over time and causing a lag in streaming audio? I have no idea. All I know is this is what has worked for me!

    So hopefully this will help anyone else with a similar issue, if they happen to come across this!

  • Thanks for the hint, DarkRoomGames.

  • You got it, buddy!

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  • Updated the first page with new screenshots and the game's official trailer! The previous videos and screenshots were representative of an older build that was using much larger sprites. The game will be getting submitted to Steam on the 25th of this month!

  • Only one day left until House of Velez is submitted to Steam Direct!!

  • House of Velez now has its own store page up on Steam! You can check it out here: ... ez_part_1/

  • Wow! Looks incredible!

    It really reminds of Silent Hill in its good old days.

    The only thing you should work on right now - is your logo.

    I didn't expect to see so interesting video and screens behind this logo with terrible font and color. Currently it looks like it was made in Microsofr Word.

    But the game is just WOW. I really want to play it. The main character is so good, animations are great and I really hope that atmosphere will bring me back in time when I launched my first PC games. I found your page on Steam and will soon promote your game in the biggest group of Indie Game fans in Russian social network!

    Good luck you with development!

  • Thank you, for most of that! I do hope this game has the sort of atmosphere that brings people back a couple decades. It was my favorite time in gaming. I am actually very excited to see the reviews when they start coming in!

    About the logo, well, it basically sums up the feel of the game in a very simple sort of way. A logo can set an expectation, and I didn't want that to be anything flashy or exciting looking. It's grim and cold, just like the story behind it.

    In any case, in 4 days when the game goes live, if the logo is the only thing people hate then I will be happy!

    And thank you for the support you're throwing my way on! Word of mouth is my favorite form of advertisement!

  • A logo can set an expectation, and I didn't want that to be anything flashy or exciting looking. It's grim and cold, just like the story behind it.

    Oh, in that case logo worked out perfectly, it really makes that kind of feeling.

  • We've already got a decent little handful of people waiting for House of Velez tomorrow! Nice!

    Can't wait for the let's plays to start rolling out!

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