Grave Prosperity: Redux

  • Whew! This took a little longer than I thought it would! As promised, I have the new combat demonstration video ready! So here it is:

    The fight is still watered down to the most basic mechanics, so remember there will still be more added into the finished product.

  • That was a nice fight

  • Haha yes, it definitely takes some practice to get used to his attacks. But by the time you get to him you'll have had so much practice from fighting other smaller creatures that any flinch from an enemy will have your muscles trained to either block or dodge immediately. That is the main draw I want to come from this game. Players developing skill in themselves from experience while fighting throughout the story. I don't want grinding for experience points and increasing stats to be the safety net that carries them to victory. Answering this will actually give me the opportunity to really explain why/how I've done things the way I have!

    Mechanically, the game is rather shallow in the sense that everything takes place on the same two dimensional plane, so I have to add depth by making enemies that are unpredictable and always unique. They are tough, but fair. As quick as the boss Malik may be (or any other enemy you may encounter), Amber is just as quick. And the quicker the player becomes, the quicker Amber becomes, giving you the edge. Also, having the enemy and the protagonist on the same plane means that no one is handicapped by things like a poor sense of depth perception. That means that the enemy is always within reach, and so are you. This levels the playing-field to shear skill and timing.

    I also want the players to have to learn how each encounter works, and realize that no two creatures will ever approach you the same way. They're being created as organic individuals that act in their own unique way. So some may dodge attacks, some may block, and some may even try to counter. With these possibilities always being present, that means that the player's play-style will have to constantly adapt to the adapting threats. The story itself is not based in realism, but I want the combat to feel real in the respect that you are a stranger to this place and you will never walk into a situation fully knowing or understanding your opposition. In the game, as in real life, stats fall second to skill, meaning all you can truly rely on in this hostile environment is knowing yourself and use what skills you have/develop to survive.

    I'm hoping that these things will keep the game fresh and consistently challenging. I don't want players to have just another mindless hack n slash on their hands. You could say that I want Grave Prosperity to be the "Bullet Hell of Hack N Slash," which demands extreme focus and accuracy at all times a threat is present.

    **I'm glad you commented what you did, because sometimes I don't even understand the motivation of the things I create. Having to think on and answer to a comment like yours has been very revealing mainly to myself. So much so, that I even posted our interaction here on the game's Facebook page! It really helps to explain the direction the game is taking. I never full realize the logic behind what I'm doing until long after I've started! Haha!

  • Well you are most welcome!

  • This is an image from the cutscene where Amber finds the machete:

  • Yup, this is still the same Construct 2 engine. I'm not sure what Spine is though. It could be something useful. What is it?

    It is a 3D-to-2D emulator that builds spritesheets using 3D models.

  • Neat. I'll have to check it out sometime.

  • Grave Prosperity: Redux is being discontinued. Due to the title's overwhelming unpopularity, I am going to be making the patch that has been being worked on into its own separate game. Title and character names will change, but what has been posted advertising the progress of the patch will not change. GP was my first real attempt at a game. It was fun and I learned a lot from it, but it's about time to shut it down and move onto a fresh start. I will be creating a new thread for the new game, "City of Amber" very soon!

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  • So this is an old thread... But since I removed this game from Steam I have gotten a stupid amount of requests to get it up for sale again. I've avoided it for a long time, but now I'm going to be remaking it from the ground up! So here's a couple videos showing some of the changes I have in store for this remake:

    And for anybody looking for a history update, here's the Steam discussions area for GP: Redux

  • I've had a little down time for the past couple days on House of Velez, so I decided to use it to make some more progress on this remake! Check it out!

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