Finally released on Steam!

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    After almost a year of development the game is now finally released on Steam. And even though it's only early access the relief of actually having a game on Steam is undescribable. It has been the goal ever since a quit my day job to develop games full time. So hopefully I'll be able to continue the work from here and make the game as fun as possible.

    A big thanks to all of you on the forum who have helped me fix all the crazy bugs that keeps showing up x)

    And a special thanks to MadSpy who have helped me with testing, quality control, game ideas and french translations <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">


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    I'll keep you updated about the development <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • reminds me of Super Meat Boy. Runs smooth on I7-990X/GTX970

  • this game looks freaking awesome! keep up the good work!

  • Hilarious santa-killing! I need to improve my platform driving skills .

  • MadSpy Thanks for playing. Glad it runs smooth. The start might be meat boyish but it will evolve to something different a couple of levels in

    j0schi Thank you sir. Adding new levels atm and I will also make the intro skippable

    Colludium I know the feeling. I'm guessing you're so used to playing your own game during the development that it makes other faster paced platformers quite hard

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  • Anonnymitet maybe just make it a little faster! i loved to watch it, but it took a little long. also kleep in mind to make the first levels a little less dificult. it took me 6 minutes to complete the second room haha! cant wait for more!

  • j0schi I'll make it possible to click through it so when you have read each line you can go to the next so you can choose your own pace or skip it all if you want to Thank you for the advice.

    Haha, I love hard games so I always make my games too hard. I'll set the difficulty down a bit for the start so people actually can complete the tutorial

  • ....I know the feeling. I'm guessing you're so used to playing your own game during the development that it makes other faster paced platformers quite hard

    You're quite right - I think I've dulled my reaction time (but my night-vision is much better now )!

  • On I3/Intel HD, your game runs at 59/60fps (intro (a bit long) and loop of 2 first level)

    The difficulty is relatively high for the first two levels; it doesn't hinder me but it can frustrate players (and potential buyers)...

    It only needs to add a timer to compare scores

  • MadSpy Thank you, was it lagging during the frame drops to 59 fps? There are only two levels atm that is why it's looping. But I'll add alot of levels in the next update.

    Is this a good solution for the intro? ... index.html j0schi MadSpy

  • Anonnymitet i like it... personally i would like it more if there where just a skip button (optional). Intro is great though, nobody should skip it haha

  • I'm able to skip the intro; perfect! (2 levels = less than 15sec)

  • j0schi I'll make it skippable as well. But you'll only see it the first time because after that you'll be able to continue from your last level

    MadSpy Great. Yeah, it's pretty short atm. So I guess your 15sec is the world record for 8Bit Fiesta speedruns

    But I'm adding levels, enemies and features now so I'll post an update soon with alot more content.

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • Anonnymitet

    I was lucky.

    Add a timer might be a good idea ... especially if you want to add Steam achievement ^^

  • MadSpy Of course. Every level will have a timer and also a built in speedrun for the whole singleplayer mode

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