[Feedback Request] Toby's World [Platform Game Beta]

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  • Thank you so much for your review, you make me view my game from a completely different perspective

    That's enough for now. Let me fix a few things and I will let you know tomorrow about everything you wrote

    Thank you again :p

  • has a lot of valid suggestions, and I would also like to add that I found it difficult to hit the middle blocks when there are 3 or more in a row. You have to line it up quite accurately, and even then it may not register.

    You've done great so far, Iolva! Keep up the good work!

  • Hi

    I'm glad that there's a lot of things you liked

    But let's focus on the other ones :/


    1. The player is not bound to the view

    If I bound the player to the view the player could not jump higher than the layout size, so I decided not to use it, I thought that if you walk to the left with no reason you deserve to die haha , but since you are not the first one to "complain" about that I will fix it

    2. Enemies

    I will fix it


    1. API Level

    Android is so fragmented. First I was thinking in release the game for Android 4.0+ but there are way to much slow devices (even some devices running Android 4.2 are so slow). I tried to optimize the game the best I could but sadly it's not enough for those devices

    I strongly believe that it is better not allow an user with a slow device to get the game instead of give a really bad experience for them and a bad rate for me

    So, I believe that the only way to guarantee a good performance is asking for at least Android 4.4+ (but just for Toby's World, the next games are going to be released for Android 4.2+)

    2. Signs

    The game have signs with the "Do not show again" option, like the one that says: "TOUCH THE FIRST PLANET TO START YOUR ADVENTURE!", but I don't really thing that the way signs are shown during the levels are really a problem, besides there is only a few of them

    And I will try to be more clear about the information displayed

    3. Unlock Worlds

    That's already done but during the beta testing I set every world and level unlocked

    The worlds have a small lock on top of them and it will be removed after you finish the last level of the previous world, that way there is no confusion at all about which world is next

    I just want to said thank you for help me!

  • ryanrybot I already know that issue, I will try to fix it!

    Thanks a lot!

  • ryanrybot

    Thanks a lot!

    Let me know if there is a way to return the help!

  • Put left and right solid objects which scrolls with the screen to avoid that the player can left the screen.

  • JamesXXXYZ Thanks for the advice, it's going to be fixed in the next beta!

  • Iolva

    For the issue with walking off the screen to the left, you could solve the problem by having a solid block the height of the screen just off the left side of the screen. This block would have to move along with the screen so it is always just off the side but that would be the only coding you would need. I would also add one to the right side because, while I haven't tested it yet, I would guess you could probably walk off the right side as well.

    [Edit] I just tried walking off the right side of the world by going to level 1, not picking up the key and walking past the door. I did walk out of the view and fall to my death so, I would suggest having a solid border on both sides.

  • Already fixed in the next build. Thanks!

  • same for me..link is not working..

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  • Not really sure what I'm getting the "We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server." error, but I'll try again later. Thanks for letting me know about this. I will wait a day and see if I can access it then. I'll let you know what I think of the game when I get to it. Good luck, !

  • Are these Kenny sprites? I like the way you've used them.

  • Iolva

    The game looks really cute. Did you make the graphics yourself?

    Can you upload this to scirra's arcade so it's easier for us to test out?

  • I think there is a delay between joining the group and being able to see the game in store. I've managed to download your game after waiting10 min.

    • I can see that you've used kenney pack, while it is an beautiful pack for decoration etc, using a character from that pack as your main character might make your game a little bit dull. So, i think you should change your main character(s?).
    • You've changed the icon in construct2 loading screen, but it doesn't seem completely centered(Nexus 5 (1920x1080)).
    • Jumps are too slow, actually in general movement is too slow. Faster movements with double jump might create a better feel. And also it might create more options in terms of gameplay puzzles etc.
    • Delay between touching a planet and showing levels are usually too long Toby is a lazy spaceship driver .

    This is not my kind of game so i don't want to talk about gameplay. But also,

    • If this is your first game with construct, congrats. This is one of the most well put together games in beta i've ever seen. Everything look great, except player characters.
    • Music and sound is really good with relatively short boot time.
  • Controls work well, although I am not a fan of virtual controls. They did work well though. Few things:

    • I say you could stand to speed everything up around 25-33%. As it stands it's a little floaty, few things feel like they have weight.
    • The floating platforms could use some kind of bar / line to indicate where their path ends. The way it is now it's kind of hard to judge where you plan your jump.
    • You should allow a short jump. There were lot's of moments I was gunning for a hop as opposed for a full jump.
    • Jumping into blocks is oddly difficult, feels like you have to be very precise. Many times it looked like I hit them, only to have to return and make a more centered jump. Especially that invisible one in World 1-5. My first 2 jumps didn't register, I found out it was supposed to be there by accident.
    • Menu transitions are also kind of slow, but I believe this was mentioned.
    • I am very jealous of the boot time. Mine on android is a hell of a lot longer.

    Hope this helps, keep in mind it's my opinion. It's just what stood out to me. Good luck with the project!

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