[Feedback Request] Toby's World [Platform Game Beta]

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  • Savvy001 29041982 Still have problems installing it?

    I still get this message

    Sorry - nothing to see here.

    There may be several reasons:

    The app you’re looking for doesn't exist


    the app developer is not currently running a test


    you are not eligible to participate in the testing program.

    If you received the link to this page from someone, we recommend you contact them for more information.

    It's okay.. I can wait for that games release.

  • Savvy001 29041982 I just send you a PM with an APK copy, thanks for your time! :p

  • I'd Test it but its incompatible with my Samsung Galaxy s2 Tab

  • david7457 what android version does your tablet have?

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  • 4.1.1

  • cute artwork.

  • JamesXXXYZ Any comment, suggestion, etc?

  • Iolva

    I don't wanna login with my account.

    Use GoogleDrive to store your playable game, I don't understand why i have to install your game, you created it with C2. I have struggle with GoogleDrive. I can't find a gameplay video from your game on youtube.

  • You have only three buttons. It is better with verticall lines. So i can decide in which high i can tap to direct Toby.

  • Every time, when toby touch a tutorial shield it explain, with out moving away from the area. Is jumping on snail a gameplay element?

    Your colour contrast setting should be better. Use Godot Engine when you can script "phyton"?

    Godot example:

    http://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PL9i2bb ... ode=NORMAL

  • JamesXXXYZ 1. When you touch a tutorial sign it pauses the game, explains to you something and give you the option of never show it again. 2. The jumping on a snail is a gameplay part. 3. I will check that. Thank you so much for your time!

  • Very nice presentation - everything works sort of as you would expect a game to work. I would agree with the "general slowness" mentioned - planet picking, but also the movement and jumping in general feels a little like an underwater stage in other games. At the same time it somewhat helps with the mobile controls I guess.

    Seems like I had steady 45+ fps at all times, but yet it had the occasional hiccup or slow response to control taps. Perhaps export quirks.

    From a gameplay point of view - I'd prefer a way to distinguish jumpable enemies from non-jumpable. Like the pipe things - they are round, yet damage me when jumped upon. Perhaps a spike or such on top would help warn the player.

  • Iolva

    1. When Toby jumps while overlapping the tutorial shield, everytime the tutorial text appear. To avoid this it is better that Toby has to left this short area and if the player wants he could collide with this shield again, bevor he walks away.

    Why you don't store every tutorial text, when touching this shield the first time. So i can everytime read these tutorials? I don't know how many tutorials you have.

    2. Jumping on snales: snales are like trampolines is this really gameplayelement? Without touching controls he jumps and jumps and jumps over again.


    Your touchcontrols could be better.

    When a enemy is on the ground i can't see it because of my thumbs


    When the touchfield are vertical planes i can choose where i wanna touch it and it is more comfortable.

  • Somebody 1. I have changed (in beta) the spaceship velocity in the "World Select" layout. (What do you mean by "movement and jumping in general feels a little like an underwater stage in other games") 2. I'm trying to optimize the game so FPS be as high as possible. 3. I will add spikes to that enemies. Thank you so much!

  • JamesXXXYZ 1. I will see what is the best way to show the tutorials. 2. I will try to changed the way you jump on a snail. 3. I will add vertical planes for the controls. Thank you for your feedback. I will let you know when I have done the changes.

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