[Feedback Request] Toby's World [Platform Game Beta]

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  • Iolva - I mean it feels kinda slow and floaty. Not necessarily a bad thing and surely a thing of taste.

  • Somebody What do you think?

    Do you like it?

  • Hehe, it's cute, just like all the other creatures. Perhaps a center spike on top so it's clear that area is dangerous? And/or it could have darker, perhaps even reddish spikes, like a rose - but that's up to you, how it fits into the art style.

  • Don't use "vertical planes" controls, use my other solution. Complete right half is a jump "button" and left half you can see a slider. People could slide this line. They decide self how big are the vertical planes controls for left and right.


    Your coins layer (?) should be behind the player layer.

    Double jump for Toby? He jumps so slow and to high. I only played Toby so i don't know if an other character has this feature.

    Snail jump. When Toby jump on a snail the first time you could turn off the collision detection of the snail for a while. Toby lands then in front of the snail. Snail has knockout stars or something like that, after a while you turn on the collision detection of the snail again. If Tobey is on collision or overlap the snail he loses a life.

  • Hi JamesXXXYZ Thanks for your time! 1. I installed a few platform games and you are right, "Vertical Planes" are usual, so I'm going to add them. 2. I will see what can I do about "Double Jump". 3. I have fixed the snail thing (next beta). I will let you know when it's complete! Yey!

  • Your color and contrast setting looks like that everything is in the distance compare to Super Ubi Land.


    An other example or just for fun:

    https://m.youtube.com/results?q=dumps%2 ... 20die&sm=1

    Your tutorial text should disappear on any touch on the screen. There is no reason why i have to touch "x". I can collide with the shields again.

  • Not sure if this was intended or not but you sound and music toggle buttons moves when muted.

  • thatserafimkid Thanks for your time! Can you explain a little bit more the issue my friend? In the options screen or in the level pause menu?

    Because if you are talking about the red "X" on top of the music and sound buttons, I think it works good.

  • Iolva

    In the options menu. Instead of the X just appearing, it moves the whole button over to the left. It's as if the origin is not positioned right.

  • thatserafimkid It works as intended! Thanks

  • I could not get the link

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  • gillenew

    If you want to try the Beta version, you have to join the Beta Communitie (you don't need permission to join):

    1. https://plus.google.com/communities/117 ... 5976699165

    After that you can install the Beta here:

    2. https://play.google.com/apps/testing/co ... .tobyworld

  • Hey lolva,

    It is very cute, I think you have used all of your assets well. I was floating around 40 fps, I haven't published anything yet to the playstore so I don't know if that is standard but if you could improve the fps somehow it would definitely improve the overall experience.

    There is a couple of things that you could add that made the original mario feel more responsive. One of these is the speed run (perhaps you could adapt it to yours that after you have been walking in the same direction for a couple of seconds toby starts to speed up a little bit).

    The second is the jump, the original mario had a great feature where you could tap the jump button for a hop or alternatively hold the jump button down to get as high as possible. I think a lot of people also felt that flailing the controller into the air as you jumped helped also but I don't recommend you add that to yours

    All in all its looking very good.

  • You developed Toby? When i saw Toby i remember that i saw him elsewhere but now i know where <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":-)" title="Smile">



    This is an playable example game.

  • Iolva

    Yesterday I got a PM from you inviting me to beta test your game. I'm not really sure why you invited me. I don't believe I've responded to any of your topics but I am always happy to help out. I have played through the entire first world. Here are a few things I noticed:

    What I liked:

      The graphics are simple but attractive. I think the theme and style suit the game perfectly. The signs used as an in game tutorial. Many games I have seen on this site miss this feature. You've got a good options menu giving the user just enough control over what to display. Again, this is a feature many newer developers miss. I like the different Toby friends that can be unlocked and how each gives the player a different benefit.

    Possible Bugs: (None of these are game stoppers, just things that don't respond the way I would expect)

      The player is not bound to the view so, I was able to walk left off the page causing me to fall off the level and lose. The frog enemy in the first world can be touched sometimes without either injuring Toby or killing the Frog. This only seems to happen when both the frog and Toby are in the air and when the bottom of Toby does not first come in contact with the top of the frog or the top of Toby does not first contact the bottom of the frog. This can easily be tested by going to level 6 and when the frog jumps, jump through it. This may take a few attempts but I have been able to reproduce it multiple times.

    Things I think could improve game play: (These aren't really bugs but would help the game keep my attention better)

      The game only works on 1 of my 4 Android devices. It works on my Android 4.4 phone whereas my Android 4.2 phone, and two Android 3 tablets cannot install it. Some of the tutorials don't really give enough information. For example, when I first picked up the laser, a new button appeared to fire it but my right thumb was covering it so I couldn't figure out for a short period how to use it. I tried touching the screen in the direction I wanted to shoot which of course did nothing. It wasn't until I moved my thumb enough to notice the new button that I learned how to shoot. It didn't take long but could have been avoided with just a little more information. The tutorial windows pop up every time Toby comes in contact with the sign. This is annoying and could be avoided simply by changing how to display the dialog. You could display a "read me" prompt when the player is overlapping the sign. The player would then be responsible to tap the icon to display the tutorial. I read a post where you said you could tell the game not to display a tutorial sign more than once. This could fix the above issue but I could not figure out how to do this in game. The movement, especially the jump and fall speeds are extremely sluggish. I would almost like to increase the speed to about twice that which the character currently moves at and increase jump/fall speed even more than that. When bumping a block with something in it, the item appears on top of the block. You could add a little more excitement simply by giving the item a bounce animation. The main menu says tap the "First World" but doesn't indicate which world is "First". I guess in most instances "First" would most likely be the farthest to the left but this might not be apparent to all players. Instead, you could do one of the following: 1-Mark all planets as locked except the first and unlock each one as the player progresses. 2-Gray out all planets but the first. 3-Highlight the first planet. 4-Prompt users to start on the Blue and Green planet. Personally, I think locking and graying out all but the first planet would be the best option. Then, unlock each planet as the player completes a certain number of the levels. Note: I assume you are already planning on locking levels in the live game due to some of the purchase options you listed to unlock levels.

    I know this has been a long post but I hope you can get some help from it. I intend to continue playing through the game and will post again if I find anything else to report. Good luck with your project.

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