ESCAPE IS POSSIBLE [Devlog - Final Demo Available]

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  • Welcome to the official topic for ESCAPE IS POSSIBLE

    Escape of Possible started as a major project for me. In fact I even sank some money into the assets. But, I have begun to take to Unity and I have decided to lower the scope of this game so I can 'finish' it. Keep an eye out for updates in the near future as I intend to upload a somewhat 'complete' version to the Scirra arcade soon.

    Here's a list of some features that have been implemented in the game, and others that have not yet been done. I will do my best to update this forum topic, but I'm starting to have a harder time trying to keep everything on here up to date. To see more relevant and up to date information please check the social media links below!

    • Lighted Areas
    • Equip-able flashlight
    • Enemy Awareness and Reactions
    • VOICE ACTING phrases for enemies
    • New Sound FX
    • New Character Sprites
    • Decor/Static Assets
    • Ground Textures
    • Move from SD project to 1080p project
    • Custom Camera allowing further line of sight (thanks to the MagiCam plugin)
    • Day/Night System
    • 'Cinematic' Camera Movements
    • Story Development
    • Grenades and Explosions
    • Pick Up-able and Searchable Items
    • Other fixes and features

    Play the Final Demo version here -->

    Play the Pre-Alpha version here -->

    View gameplay updates on YouTube --> ... O7zyNBfVWw

    Follow on Instagram -->

    Follow on Twitter -->


  • Hey that's a pretty decent core for a game, what you got there is nice so far. I would suggest adding 1-2 screenshots or .gifs to the topic because we humans are visual creatures after all and we get attracted to what we see, so I think more people would bother to click the link if they saw some kind of visual representation of the game.

    Will there be some shooting included later on? Or I didn't get to that part?

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  • Thank you for the feedback! I actually have a lot of trouble figuring out how to upload images on this forum. I have pictures up now though!

    As for the shooting, I was thinking of shooting being a possibility in later levels. Like when you kill a guard you'd be able to pick up his gun. Though the guns wouldn't help against the ghosts!

  • Oh, I always upload my images either on imgur or giphy (depending if its a .png or a .gif) and use [ img]link[/img] (without space in brackets) to make them appear so can't help much on that department, not sure if it's possible to upload them directly from forums if that's what you asked for.

    Yeah I think the shooting part would be really nice, and the ammo could be very limited so it would be an exclusive thing to shoot from time to time. The Last of Us style I guess.

  • Thank you for the feedback! I like the very limited ammo idea as well. Do you think I should just update the game as I add levels or should I do like a full game and then release it as it's own 'full edition' or something like that. My biggest uncertainty is how to attract players.

  • Another plan of mine was to introduce rts elements. In later levels the player will be able to click/drag etc. to order a couple of friendly soldiers. One point of this would be to use friendlies as scouts to find the ghosts location. Or the play could just use them as bait!

  • Hey I think you should do what you feel like doing at the moment, if you fail, just try to think what went wrong and learn from it because failure is nothing else but an opportunity to improve. I am personally on the beginning of my road as well, I think putting the game on sites like and making it free for the time of development would be a really nice idea. At least that's what I am doing for now, will see how it goes. That way you could gather feedback from people and later on if the game becomes bigger you could release a full, paid version. Anyways I wish you good luck and I will be watching your progress.

    I really like that idea of sending scouts btw.. sounds interesting.

    Thank you for your comment on my topic as well! Really glad that you liked it.

  • I'm currently working on levels 6 - 10. The primary feature of these levels will be patrolling and stationary guards which the player will have to kill in order to get the key cards necessary for escape. The guards present a new challenge in the form of life ending bullets. BUT... don't forget Escape IS Possible.

    (screenshot taken from layout editor, NOT a picture showing gameplay)

  • A quick feedback, the shadow effect is great and gives a 3D impression but don't you think that the walls and the shadows should have different colors?

    You could add a little arrow on the screen borders indicating the key then then end(s) directions. Or a kind of compass in a HUD.

  • Thank you for the feedback, I do plan to give the walls color. I ran into some problems with that early on but I have a solution now, just haven't implemented it yet. I like the idea of a compass in the HUD, I actually wanted to make a mini-map of sorts but have zero idea of how to do that at the moment.

  • ***OUTDATED***

    New Update! Now you can play levels 1 - 9!!! Can you beat the daunting level 9???

  • The game has received a complete REVAMP!!! Now the player can pick up guards guns and exchange fire in the corridors. BUT sometimes it's wiser to use your knife.. after all those ghosts can still hear!

    Oh and BTW.. some guards have machine gun placements

  • With different color it will look gr8

  • Thank you, the one thing I really really need is someone to do art for the game. At the moment I'm stuck with free assets and trying to draw my own pixel art.

  • tallenwebdev you talking to wrong guy I cant even hold pen let alone drawing something.

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