ESCAPE IS POSSIBLE [Devlog - Final Demo Available]

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  • tallenwebdev you talking to wrong guy I cant even hold pen let alone drawing something.

    Haha, I just mean I need someone somewhere. I posted in another place on the forum that I'm looking for a 2D artist. Also I'm trying to figure out how to color/texture the walls and separate the shadow color.

  • ***OUTDATED***

    Hey I really need some feed back! Do you guys think I should keep the square tiled floor or should I use this new brick design?

  • ARENA Mode is in development!!! Also the game is receiving a partial graphic overhaul!

    The new ARENA mode will feature a large room with columns and other cover. Waves of enemy guards, zombies, and ghosts will spawn and attempt to kill the player and his/her allies.

    ALLIES??? That's right, the player will also have the ability to use a new Currency to purchase Allies who will fight beside the player.

    There's gonna be a whole lot of bullets flyin!

  • The game has received another update. Here's whats new in this update:

    *New HUD with players bullet count

    *New floor texture

    *Update to the shadows (they now have a partial transparency)

    *Guards shoot at double the previous rate

    *New door in the home layout (not functional) serves as a teaser for the upcoming ARENA mode.

    The next update will include the following:

    *Health and damage implementation for player and guards

    *Heavy breathing sound when player is injured

    *ARENA mode - possibly with the introduction of player Allies

  • I like how you are progressing with that, keep up the good work! The arena thing sounds interesting. >:)

  • Decided to put out another quick update before focusing on ARENA mode. Here's the changelog:

    *Faster bullet speed

    *Thinner bullets

    *Player health system

    *Bloody screen when player is hurt

    *Heavy breathing sound when player is hurt

    *Enemy guards use predictive aim

    These changes make the game much more immersive and the difficulty is both harder and easier at the same time with the new health system.

    Here's a little GIF showing the changes! (the GIF is grainy due to having to optimize it's file size)

  • An ARENA mode preview is now in game! Play the first wave of what will soon be many! Just follow this link : and go through the door to the ARENA!

    (screenshot from editor)

  • Major update for the ARENA mode!

    There are 4 waves of enemies before a final endless wave. Along with the ARENA now being fully playable there is also a leader board for the most enemy kills in the Arena!

    Play now to earn your spot on the leader board!

  • ***OUTDATED***

    I'd like to announce here that I've put Escape is Possible, in it's current state, on to play in browser. At this time the project is being developed into what is essentially a completely different game. The next time I post an update it will likely be announcing a demo release of the outcome of the transition of this project into a 'real game'. Until then, I'd like to say thank you for everyone who gave me feedback and has played the game on the Scirra Arcade

    Here is the link to my profile to play the game there, or to watch for news on the development of the project:

  • Game is good, but I personally think the shadows are too dark.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Game is good, but I personally think the shadows are too dark.

    Keep up the good work!

    Thank you! I have an artist working with me now so the game will be getting some huge changes all across the board pretty soon

  • Want to let you guys know that development is still going strong

    The project now has a great 2d artist involved, WildRoosterGFX .

    Here are some samples of the great work he is doing

  • I like how it's going so far, and that sprite above is pretty darn good! Are you going to use the version with or without the black outline? I personally like the one to the right a lot.

  • Thank you AceWay! We're actually going with the black outline on the left

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  • -------------

    *Added water effect to blood pools (very small effect)

    *Slightly expanded the Arena maze

    *Introduction of a 'proper' menu

    *Reduced how much damage bullets do to player, this makes the game more forgiving

    *Changed music on the menu layout

    *Menu music plays during levels as well, but at a lowered volume

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