ESCAPE IS POSSIBLE [Devlog - Final Demo Available]

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  • What are some options that people would like to see in the settings? I've gotten feedback repeatedly on whether or not walls should be transparent, do you guys think that this should be adjustable by the player? Hope to hear back from some of you viewers

  • -------------

    *New gun icons!

    *Shotgun - with spread shot

    *Enemies have health (not apparent in current gameplay; bullets and knife still one hit kill)

    *Return to menu by pressing ESC

    *Cheats - ctrl + h (full health); ctrl + f (pistol and shotgun ammo)

    *If cheats are used in the Arena players scores will NOT be entered on the leader board!

  • -------------

    *Fixed player bullets being able to go through some walls

    *Shotgun guards in the arena

    *Level 9 has received changes

    *Level 6 ghosts are slower; previously they seemed faster than other levels

    *No more blood pools

    *Added blood spray from bullet contact with enemy

    *Turret disabled when path-finding enabled; vice versa

    *Added blood spray on bullet contact with player

    *Fixed levels HUD; regarding ammo count for shotgun

    *Bullets do less damage to player - due to increased enemy difficulty

    *Fixed enemy bullets being able to pass through some walls

    *Changes made to Arena layout

    *Fixed player health exceeding 100

    *New leader-board - 'Best Cheaters' : who can get the most kills while using cheats???

  • I like how it's going so far, and that sprite above is pretty darn good! Are you going to use the version with or without the black outline? I personally like the one to the right a lot.

    Glad you like my sprites

    Now we just fine tuning the animations

  • WildRoosterGFX Yeah they are really nice so I give respect where it's due.

    I'm looking forward for the updates in there!

  • -------------

    *Changed 'Top Cheaters' to 'Top ARENA Cheaters'

    *Options menu

    *Cheats can be enabled from the options menu

    *Added Automatic assault rifle icon (assualt rifle still not in game)

    *weaponEquipped variable replaced pistolEquipped, knifeEquipped, and shotgunEquipped variables

    *Got rid of useless variables

    *Scroll-up on mouse rotates through weapons

    *Added "Highest Reached Level" leaderboard

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  • Hi everyone!

    Development has slowed down, but I want to give a little update about what is currently being worked on. The next step for Escape is Possible is lighting. Not the already present shadow light that is simply pinned to the player; I'm talking about the addition of a flashlight, ceiling lights, and perhaps a 'stealth' feature that allows players to kill from the shadows.. Also, an assault rifle will be added as well as frag grenades and flash bangs. Another feature I hope to implement is enemy awareness of the player, such as enemy guards reacting to gun shots if they are close enough to hear them.

    Now I have a question for anyone viewing this: What do YOU think would be a cool addition to the game? Or do you have an idea for a new game mode?

    If you do please let me know and you may earn yourself a place in the game's credits! Which is also going to be added soon!

  • Working on a new Arena Design to showcase the new light system. Player's can expect a preview to be available in a few days with the release of version, While working towards I want to keep releasing small updates to keep players involved.

  • Exciting news I have to share! The release will feature VOICE ACTING! I've placed an order for a variety of phrases for the game and I will have them in time for the release which will be happening in **approximately a week!

    **EDIT: Due to the amount of new features and due to my having other people working on a variety of things for the game, the 0.1 update may very well take longer as I want it to be very polished. At that point the game will have entered it's alpha stage and will be re-uploaded as a new game on the Scirra Arcade as well as

  • Going great so far, I'm excited to see the in-game voice acting, keep it up man!

  • Going great so far, I'm excited to see the in-game voice acting, keep it up man!

    Thank you! I'm excited to see it too!

  • Here's a link to the game's first YouTube video showcasing the new in game lighting system. Apologies for the poor quality in advance however.

  • The LIGHT UPDATE is here!


    *High Quality Intro Video

    *Introducing Lighting

    -Square, cone, and circular lights

    -Player flashlight

    -Flashlight is toggle-able

    *New Decor Assets

    -blue truck asset

    -lamp asset

    -table/w paper asset

    *New arena layout

    *Enemy Awareness (only in Arena)

    -Enemy LOS range increases if player flashlight is on

    -Enemy LOS range increases if lights overlap player

    -Enemy LOS cone increases to 360 if overlapping player flashlight

    -On screen enemies 'hear' gunshots and move towards them

    *Removed cheaters leader board

  • New Camera and VOICE ACTING Preview here ---> HERE!!!

  • Preview of new characters! After getting this one I've placed orders for more with a fantastic artist on Fiverr.

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