Copy Girl - Megaman inspired platformer

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  • New water level screenshot:

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  • just beautiful!

  • Looks awesome!! I wanna play it!

  • Mini-boss for our second stage

  • Too cool! I'm pretty much in love with everything about this game.

    The direction you are going is great, how the bosses are behemoths half the size of the screen; and a mini-boss no less.

  • That miniboss looks so awesome!

  • Love that quick little grimace frame when the player gets hurt.

  • Loving the attention to detail! Is there a demo available? Is this going to be just as challenging as the old MegaMan titles?

  • Development of the music stage

    Our third planned stage is based on music. This stage belongs to the boss Fuze, a rockstar-type character

    My concept for the level is to represent her character through the changes in the scenery.

    (these are all concept images, not in-game yet)

    The stage starts out with scenery based on classical music, with brass wind instruments as a main theme:

    The Sound Ribbons will push the player up or down, depending on the color

    The level will then transition to a more modern setting. The middle point will be a mini-boss battle that will involve this pink and green water, which I’m still trying to figure out exactly the mechanic behind it

    The second part of this stage will have a more vibrant feel to it. The concept here is that Fuze has redecorated the place by painting it green and pink, and throwing ribbons everywhere. Here the scenery represents string instruments, with this keyboard motif, and guitar enemies

    A blue guitar shooting musical notes

    A jumping pink guitar

    A singing siren

  • Loving the attention to detail! Is there a demo available? Is this going to be just as challenging as the old MegaMan titles?

    We may have a demo available at some point, but it'll take a while.

    We want to make it pretty challenging, but at the same time not too punishing. Right now it's kinda hard to estimate the difficulty, as we only made one and a half levels, which are in the "easier" group. We're actually planning on making an intro level, which then allows us to make the "easier" group a tad more difficult

  • man. that's what I'm talking about. looking forward to this. would love to play it on a console - I think you guys mentioned that you weren't planning on doing that at this point?

  • mudmask Would love to but it doesn't seem possible at the moment. WiiU is the only console C2 can export to and from what little I've heard it's extremely limited. We'll see how things are by the time C3 is out.

  • Tokinsom - I guess there's the possibility of xbox supporting edge though. anyways, keep up the good work.

  • Love the Retro, check out my brother in laws business or he's twitter , its all Retro.

    His twitter followers are mostly Retro fans.

  • Artwork looks awesome! Love it so far

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