Copy Girl - Megaman inspired platformer

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Action Girl game sprites for side scrolling action adventure endless runner 2D mobile game.
  • Beautiful! I really can't wait to be able to play this game, it looks fantastic! Keep up the great work!

  • New video to showcase a boss battle

    Copy Girl - Mini-Boss Preview: Tsunami's Golem

  • Dang. Excellent boss design, the scrolling part looks incredible, lots of diverse gameplay going on, great everything, etc etc - but I think the music needs extra praise. That miniboss theme just flips all the megaman classic boss themes upside down. I'd rate that as a top 8-bit track any day.

    Level theme at the start sounds great too.

  • Looking really good. I want to play this.

  • Holy Moly! This looks really great! Great job, I wish I was this talented!

  • Giant enemy octopus-disc-orb... we don't know what to call this guy

  • Looking extremely rad man! Great work!

    Octopus disc; in music you have octachord ( which apparently is an instrument too ?), so definitely name need's to start with Octa- or Octo- . So maybe name should be Octatonic or Octotonic? ;D It's a musical enemy so "-tonic", which is a name for root note in a musical scale. But there's a disc/eye, so another option would be Octatonic Dj, or Octotonic 'J... Octatonic 'J.i ... ;D

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  • 7Soul


    Looks (and sounds!) great!

    Is this coming out sometime next year?

    Are you using the NES palette for colors? Looks like it might be a bit more colors than what was possible on the NES?

  • Anyone know what happened to 7Soul and Copy Girl?

    This was the game that inspired me to get Construct 2 and Copy Girl was shaping up to be one of the best 2d games ever

    and then end 2016 everything went quiet. Here and everywhere else twitter youtube etc nothing.....

  • NetOne We decided to remake it from the ground up with a stronger identity and more unique gameplay, then we got too busy with other things. It's currently on hiatus. 7Soul might be willing to go into more detail there.

  • NetOne We decided to remake it from the ground up with a stronger identity and more unique gameplay, then we got too busy with other things. It's currently on hiatus. 7Soul might be willing to go into more detail there.

    Cheers Tokinsom, appreciate the response. I cant believe I'm hearing that. From an outsiders perspective it looked like it had everything. And those videos surely weren't just smoke and mirrors were they?

    I would say save the remake and the grand ideas for Copy Girl 2 and do what you gotta do to pull this back together and get it out. Man, all that amazing work!. You cant just leave it go.

    Sorry, its real late here and Im ranting, but seriously, the number of rubbish games that get released and go viral and you guys are sitting on this potential masterpiece classic.

    Copy Girl really deserves to be rescued and finished and played.

    I hope you guys can somehow sort it.

  • NetOne Thank you for the comments. No, no smoke and mirrors We were always proud of the work we did on Copy Girl but it had some fundamental issues we needed to resolve. After expanding the team a little bit we decided the best thing to do is rebuild CG from the ground up with everything we learned and create a more original title..more than a glorified Megaman clone. Things were going very well but, y'know, life gets in the way. We're all looking forward to getting back to it but it may be a while still.

  • What a beautiful game, is there any playable version?

  • Tokinsom, I might be able to help you lads out with timing and workload.

    I'm not sure if you'd be interested, but I'm currently making a game that plays a bit like MegaMan, myself, but it's not at all a clone, and it's developed as an editor for Construct 2 for the creation of any kind of game. If everything works out for me financially, I'm going to be posting a lot of information about it's progress. I'll share it with you then, and if you're interested in hearing more about the project, don't hesitate to ask.

    The project has been developed from the early demonstration gif below. It's very old and requires updating (The gif, I mean).

    EDIT: By old, meaning that every detail of the game has been updated and modified. It certainly doesn't look much like MegaMan anymore in any sense other than the fact that it's an action platformer.

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