Do I continue with this or do I give up completely?

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  • I am trying to write a platform game that I find fun to play. I know it's a boring genre, but, I am learning as I go as well so it seems like it's worthwhile.

    Any feedback would be appreciated....

    Although the game isn't finished, I would like to know if anyone completes it or if there are any bugs...


  • well if you like it why give up? That's like the most important thing I think about producing a game as an indie.. make something you like.. at least that's where it starts.

    I'd keep it super simple if you can. Especially where you are learning, everything is going to take way longer because you first have to learn the skills.. I've been in the same boat.

    I played your game.. but couldn't get by the spinning platform... so far there's really not much to it other than your standard "platformer" unless it was something I didn't see. You really have to think.. what makes "my" game different (than you average platformer). The difference can be tiny, which I think it needs to have some sort of identity...

    good luck

  • It's a shame you couldn't get past the spinning platform - because there are many different parts to the game. For example, in level 3 there is an arkanoid clone which I am really proud of! There is also loads of hidden lives throughout the game. You also have to find three hidden stars to access a hidden level (WIP).

    As I have said, I am still learning...but, you know - thanks for the feedback.

  • If you want to skip parts or levels, edit the .capx

  • Do you know of any successful platformer in recent times on PC?

    There's only been a few:

  • haha that spinning platform is brutal! I got past it a few times but then got eaten alive by the flying blocks in the enclosure.

    I think you should continue with it since you'll probably learn a lot in doing so. If I were to make a suggestion, keep the difficulty as it is, but get rid of the lives system and let people restart just before whatever killed them. Mega-difficult games can be pretty popular, and it'll remove that feeling of 'Oh crap, I have to start all over again'.

  • Thanks for the feedback Voulk. I like the restart idea, but this would make the game too easy. I have played the game through several times with the current setup. There are checkpoints in each level which make things a little easier.

  • So, what do I win? planetserve

    I actually agree that restarts would make it too easy now. You could consider making enemies a different colour to the tiles you walk on. I spent quite a while losing a life to that first moving platform because I didn't know it was going to hurt me. It definitely took me a little while to get used to almost everything being one colour.

    Thanks, that was a brutal yet satisfying couple of hours. Definitely the hardest platformer I've played. You have some pretty tricky mechanics up your sleeve.

  • Wow Voulk, I can't believe you got through it so quick. Thanks for giving it a go.

    I am glad that you found it entertaining. There are also little cheats programmed into the game. As an example, in Level 1, just before you encounter the two shooting gun turrets, if you jump to the right when you are on the elevating platform (right at the top), you become invisible to the guns and they won't shoot you.

    I like the idea about the different colour enemies and will probably implement that. Now I have to dream up some new levels and the secret level that I have mentioned.

    For your prize (seriously) I can offer you a free cloud hosting account for any domain that you may have - how's that!

    If you are interested, PM me.

  • New level added -

  • I couldn't make it past the spiny thing. You win good sir.

  • You're hitting the player with a train too quickly. That should come later.

  • That's the whole point, the game is supposed to be difficult (but not impossible)

    Some people love these kinds of games and see them as a challenge.

  • Yep you are right, SOME people love these kind of game

    But keep going dude, its always better to continuously work on and improve a game than to give up.

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  • Good advice Solomon - thanks for the encouragement.

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