Do I continue with this or do I give up completely?

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  • Gosh! How hard it is! In the very beggining you encounter a rotatory platform and you thing "wow! This is impossible". I felt smarter when I finnaly passed through it. I love the fear you feel every time you see a new element. You don't know if its safe, so you stay hesitant, and this delay normally makes you die in a silly way. I laughed so much when the turret shot me down! But I dindt understand for sure where I could step saftely or not. You seriously need to keep going. It will be a great challenging game.

  • Thanks JPatchZ, I'm glad that you enjoyed playing the game. Just to let you know that you can become invisible to the turrets by jumping to the right when the elevating platform just before the turrets reaches it's top position.

  • You should consider adding a password / secret passage / save mechanism to get straight to the later levels. I want to try out level four but don't have time to get through the first three again.

  • Didn't know about this trick to deceive the turrents, thanks for the tip. I gave up by the them cause I'm an impatient person. I died sooooo many times before, but I kept going cause this game is really addictive and its quick to start over (just space bar), normally I gave up early. Were I near the end of the level?

  • Yes JPatchZ, you are very near to the end of the level. Once you get past the turrets - that's it. Level 2 awaits......

  • Hi I understand your dilemma, but I am reluctant to add a way to skip levels as the game is designed to be played level by level.

  • You're hitting the player with a train too quickly. That should come later.

    I'm not so sure. I believe that a game should be challenging right from the start and get progressively harder as you progress through the levels.

  • I think some games are meant to be easy, others to be harder. This is a hard one. Happilly there are games for every taste. I did'nt get to pass through those turrets yet, though =/ ... ... ... but I'm not giving up, this game didn't beated me up yet.

  • I think some games are meant to be easy, others to be harder. This is a hard one. Happilly there are games for every taste. I did'nt get to pass through those turrets yet, though =/ ... ... ... but I'm not giving up, this game didn't beated me up yet.

    I think you are right I fondly remember the games from 20+ years ago when the graphics were very simple but the gameplay was very challenging. That's what I am trying to recreate with this one.

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  • Good start! I tried your game and I am a fan of hard games. And I make hard games as well I finished the first level and I have one tip for you. I know you want the game to be hard and I agree and it can be hard from the beginning.

    But for example the spinning platform on level one. That one feels more like a glitch when you finally make it more than you got better at the game. And the bouncing enemies are totally random and no matter how skilled you are those will kill you no matter what if you're unlucky which you'll be often

    So this makes it impossible to get good at the game and I believe that it takes away much of the entertainment. Now you only feel lucky when you beat a level. So my advice is to make it really hard without using random elements and obstacles that are so hard that you almost have to break the game to beat them.

    But this is only my opinion and I'm not saying that this is the correct way to do it. But I believe it would make your game more enjoyable.

    Anyway, the game is still fun and addicting. You got me playing 20min dedicated to beat level one even though I didn't have much free time on my hands.

    So keep up the good work!

  • Hi I have been playing the game for many hours as I write it and personally feel that the random elements of the game are what make it more challenging. I didn't want certain parts of the game to be clinically programmed so that they follow a set path for a reason, as I wanted to add an element of luck to the game - is this a bad thing?

    There are certain parts of the game that also require a lot of skill (nimble fingers) and the spinning platform is one example because, with practice, this becomes easy to pass.

    I do appreciate the feedback though, as it is interesting to get other peoples take on the game.

    This is the first time that I have used Construct 2 and I am still learning. I have started down a path and have to follow it to see where it leads. All the time I am learning and this is what drives me.

  • The game over screens is so cool that stops me from say the f*** word when I lost. For some reason, it reminds me of Resident Evil (my favorite franchise ever), but I'm seeing this screen so much I think I'll have some bad dreams about it soon.

  • Hi JPatchZ, you make me laugh and give me inspiration. In fact, I have uploaded a new version with 10 LIVES just for you. Good luck.

    Just bear in mind that the game isn't anywhere near complete yet...

  • Oh, such an honor! You can call this the no-nightmare edition.

  • I'll take your tears of sorrow for breakfast, little turrets.

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