Do I continue with this or do I give up completely?

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  • It's great that you now sort of "know your genre".. a hard game.. like other people have commented how some people like hard games...

    I'd focus on your game's strength (the fact that it's a hard game) but with that in mind -- be aware that when someone puts in that much dedication and energy into beating your hard game, you should really give them something for it... I'd look into ways you can reward the player. Like how on here someone posted a screen shot of "Let me know if you get here" which is a great type of "bragging rights" kind of thing. You could do a cool animation or short piece of music..some fanfare.. other reward type things.. unlocks... or even something unique for each player? maybe a clever banner or saying.. just an idea... but the idea is your game can have the identity of being a "hard game" and if you are able to make progress in it, players will get a good (rare) reward.

    I think if you ever release it on Steam, one of your game's tags should be "Hard Game".. I'd "go" with that as much as possible..

    cool.. good luck!

  • Hi jobel, I like your thinking. There will be some sort of reward system in place when the game is complete. For the moment, I am concentrating on getting things to work properly and finishing the levels.

  • Creative block is preventing me from designing a secret level! - has anyone any ideas for a simple bonus level?

  • planetserve

    Good to see youre still working on this!

    Good idea on working to get down the mechanics/level base structure first and not get sidetracked on a reward system.

  • Solomon - I am still progressing slowly... today I have added hidden bonus coins to the levels so I am slowly building in a reward system. One of the objectives of the game is to collect a predetermined amount of coins!

    The latest version has been uploaded to

  • The game is now complete and has been uploaded to and Wish me luck everybody!

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  • Yay! Nice, never give up..its the journey that counts, you are only in competition with yourself. Cheers! Give us a link

  • I have made platformers alot, you should add some strategy to make it special, like a certain puzzle mechanic. Really liked your game though! Good luck

  • Thanks for the comment lucky Star. You are right about the strategy, but to be fair it is my first game and I was learning Construct 2 as I went so I tried to keep things simple. Where can I view your platform games?

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