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  • City of Amber will play very similarly to the games from the Souls series or Bloodborn. The combat is focused on a dodging, blocking and attacking system that all runs off of a stamina gauge and revolves around the use of guns and melee weapons. The world itself is a dark and dreary place full of monsters, puzzles and exploration. Lily can be upgraded by using EXP acquired through combat. Upgrades consist of learning new evasive maneuvers, increasing attack power, learning new melee combos, increasing firearms effectiveness and improving stamina.

    Developer: LDC Studios

    Official Website: Coming Soon!

    Facebook Page:

    Genre: Action/ Horror

    Players: 1-Player

    Combat Style: Live Action

    View Style: 3rd Person 'Faux 3D' - Side Scroller.

    Platform: PC

    Engine: Scirra's Construct 2

    Minimum Requirements:

    Pentium 4 or Equivalent

    2.8 GHZ Processor (Single Core)

    1 Gigabyte of Ram

    128 Bit Video Card

    Gamepad Controller/ Keyboard


    Lily Ridge is a 26 year old woman, looking at her 8th year of Military Police service. Recent developments have caused her to begin to have reservations about her life's choices, and she decides to take a much needed leave of absence. During this time off she plans to travel to California to meet with her sister, Abby, and discuss whether or not she should make this year her final year of service. Of course, things are never that simple. Lily's car doesn't make the cross-country trip, and Lily is left stranded in a remote location with no phone reception and no signs of passing help. She manages to find her way to the nearest town. This is where her story truly begins... Even with 8 years of war hardening experience, the things waiting in the shadows of this town will test her strength and her sanity far more than anything she has ever encountered. The world of war she plans to leave behind will be a day at the beach compared to the world of suffering she is about to enter. Welcome to Prosperity, the City of Amber.



    Intro FMV

  • Shock. What an amazing HD game. When is the expected release? I am very fascinated that Construct 2 can make this kind of game.

  • Thank you! I am hoping to have it out pretty soon. Maybe around April? It's constantly being worked on, but there's a lot going into it, so I really can't say exactly when it will be ready. But I'll be posting updates steadily here and on its Facebook page as it progresses.

  • Not all locations in CoA are dark and dreary. Here's a nice highly detailed and well-lit interior of a manor! Sort of takes me back to RE's mansion.

  • Here's another screenshot to oppose the last one that was posted:

    Creepy basements and phonographs are still a thing!

  • Great graphics and very "Resident-2-alike", this promises really well!

  • Thank you! I hope soon I'll have a demo ready.

  • This is Abby, who is the sister of the main character, Lilly. Her role will be the equivalent to what Miki's was in Grave Prosperity.

  • First time I saw this I thought it was a Tank-type survival horror.

    Tank controls are a lost art.

    One thing I have to say though is your main characters breasts HAVE to be bigger in order to get noticed in today's game market.

    (Kidding of course.)

  • I actually always enjoyed the old tank controls too. I don't remember anyone ever complaining about them until RE4 (still tank controls) came out. Then hating tank controls became a sort of a fad.

    That's pretty hilarious about the main characters' breasts. It's funny because I intentionally made their chest and butt smaller when I remodeled the characters for the GP: Redux patch that later became this game!

    Back to the main point, though... I would LOVE to make a game like this with the classic tank controls! 3rd person, over the shoulder? Forget about it!! Some day...

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  • I actually always enjoyed the old tank controls too. I don't remember anyone ever complaining about them until RE4 (still tank controls) came out. Then hating tank controls became a sort of a fad.

    Thing about tank controls is they have to come with either a fixed angle like the RE games or a fixed camera like SH. Adds to the atmosphere and horror. These days it's all about jump scares.

  • It's all about the times too. The majority have been enjoying the concept of jumpscares every 5 minutes because it's exciting to them. They like the "instant gratification" of the scare because we live in fast times now. People will feel like their time is being wasted otherwise. That's why tutorials and cutscenes are becoming less and less popular these days too. People wanna be able to just gogogo without having time to think. Eventually more and more people will be asking for the old subtle atmospheric horror back though. It's a weird cycle that these things go through. Sometimes it can take decades to pass.

  • Here's a screen showing some action using the machete

  • It's taken some time, but the opening to City of Amber is finally complete! This game contains more sensitive subjects than its predecessor, GP. There is extreme violence, mild (but tasteful) nudity, and controversial political views. Enjoy!

    As a note: The political views presented in this game are not meant to be taken to heart, just used as a tool to better define our heroine...

  • Hey everyone! I just wanted to toss out some development notes and fun facts that compare and contrast GP: Redux and City of Amber today.

    To start, Grave Prosperity was never presented with a story. It was meant to slowly unravel as the game progressed through its episodic play. Unfortunately that meant that nothing was known about the Protagonist either. It made it difficult to really care about Amber and what she was doing. With City of Amber I decided to make it in the exact opposite way.

    This time you will know your character's past, her feelings on that past, and where she plans to take her future- all right out of the gate. Even her body is a representation of her history and character. From the battle scars that cover her back, to the large wings tattooed under them which represent her desire for freedom from her current life. Everything tells a story in this game. And the rather thickly laid on theme in the intro will have heavy influence over the creatures and horrors Lilly will encounter in Prosperity. There aren't just unexplainable nastys crawling around in the dark anymore. Now many of the monsters (and sometimes locations) will be a product of Lilly's own personal demons and faltering sanity.

    There is a lot going into this on all fronts, and I am very excited about its completion!

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