City of Amber

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  • Here's a still from one of the scenes I was rendering last night. I thought it looked pretty cool so I figured I'd go ahead and post it!

  • Looks gr8 but, I must admit that my sister-in-law look worse then that Beauty

  • Maybe she's born with it... Maybe it's Maybelline.

  • LDC Studios no she was not but, one look and shes gone LOL

  • i don't like this kind of style...

  • Marius87 you said i don't like this kind of style... what kind you talking about?

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  • Marius87 That's cool man. I'll be the first to say that my game is certainly not for everyone.

  • Cool lets get back to the game which most of us fans enjoy . I'am really looking forward to seeing just one new enemy as a teaser.Something crazy like its hands are the legs and the legs are the arms. Something really out there!!!

  • I actually put all the monsters that will be in the demo on the title screen. In the video some can be seen for longer than others, but they're all there for ya! I think you'll enjoy the hidden boss in the demo. It's pretty different.

  • With the demo coming along as quickly as it is, I figured now would be a good time to get a trailer made! So here it is, the first official trailer for City of Amber!

  • LDC I have seen demo looks gr8. I hope and wish you do well with this game.

  • Thank you, same here!

  • LDC Studios your game looks great, didn't know that construct2 engine is capable of handling such a high 3D graphic models. Well your work gave me a new insight of the engine. Have played your previous version of the project "Grave Prosperity" a good product despite some shortcomings. May I know the reason for name change, the name "Grave Prosperity" was good, kind of went with the theme. Looking forward to your project & all the best.

  • Oh yeah, all these engines are capable of making good looking games. They're just images of 3D models with painted on shadows and lighting. I did the same thing with the RPG Maker back in 2012 too.

    I decided to change the name of the game while i was working on its last patch. Grave Prosperity was always just a way for me to test the limits of these smaller engines, but once i found C2 i realized that I could actually make something decent with the resources i had. So i made Grave Prosperity Redux, put it on Steam and used it as a way to measure what people really like in my work, and what people don't like. Once i got all the feedback i needed i started working on a massive patch that was meant to fix all the most commonly complained about issues, while building upon the most commonly enjoyed features. While i was working on it i started thinking about how Grave Prosperity had a really fractured background with all of its different builds and known issues, and i really didn't expect the patch would be enough to save the title due to its history. So i decided to drop the name all together and make City of Amber out of it. It's a title with no negative prior background, and it's being made to appeal to its audiance with the best of its predecessor's features, and none of its flaws. Seems like a win win so far.

  • Game looking great! Made a subtle remix of your title screen, just for fun -

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