City of Amber

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  • Here's a couple new screens to show some of the work that's been going on lately:

    Sneaking up on the Caged Smiler

    The outside of Prosperity's Asylum

  • So up to this point I have shown some action and some visuals. Now lets's take a look at a little bit of horror! In this scene we are introduced to the Caged Smiler, and presented with the task of retrieving its keys:

  • Anybody recognize this horrible abomination? That's right... They're making a return, but this time with 100% LESS unfair teleporting murder-y-ness! Welcome back the Scavenger enemy type!

  • Nice game, will try it out later. Keep working!

  • Since updates are few between because of the amount of work it takes to make content, I have decided to try something new!

    I may start posting videos of some of the animation processes as they are being made. Just to show progress, and as something fun for people to follow along with if they want.

    If you enjoy it then I'll make it a regular thing! Here's the first video:

  • Looks really 90-ish and I love it! I think you should consider using higher resolution textures.

    (I saw a nipple lol)

  • Thank you! Nothin wrong with some good ol 90's monster nips.

    My God... What the hell is wrong with me?

  • Got another development video here. In order to have more organic-feeling enemies, they're gonna need more than one attack! So here's the Scavenger's secondary, ranged attack:

  • There are going to be lot's of strange transitions in City of Amber, as we travel through Lilly's guilt-ridden conscience. When the lights go out we can always expect to wake up in a new, worse place, than before. Remember GP: Redux's Asylum?

  • I love working on outdoor environments! Finally getting the outside of the Asylum up and running in-game:

  • The graphics has been really improved ! I prefer those ones than the first ones ! Even your character looks really beautiful.

    You spend alot of time in video-making, will you be able to show them in-game ?

  • Oh, of course! All of the videos I have shown will be present in the game. This one will be very FMV cutscene-heavy. It's getting pretty ambitious, but I'm really enjoying making this one! And thank you for your compliments!

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  • Wanted to show an image of the new quick menu system, and the new high-res look for the interior of the asylum. There won't be a separate pause menu for sorting through equipment like GP: Redux had. This time everything is live! Of course there will also be a quick-select button to automatically switch between using your melee weapons or firearms when you're in a pinch.

    The asylum itself is nice and well-lit in this image to show off the improved resolution. When I add the shadows and faint lighting it will look a bit more sinister.

  • Things on the development end are beginning to look a little familiar... I know we're all waiting to see how these nasty little guys are going to play out this time. So the next post is going to be a combat demonstration on the Scavenger! Let's see if I've learned anything this past year!

  • Alright, everybody, this is what many of you have been waiting for! This is the Alpha build for the Scavenger enemy-type. I'm sure this will exceed what you may have expected!

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