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  • procrastinator I wholeheartedly agree, but I've found it to be less time consuming than flicking between Photoshop and C2 (plus it doesn't make my laptop behave like it's about to blast into orbit!)

    Onion-skinning in the animation editor would be endlessly useful too.

  • When is there gonna be a demo?

    the game looks so good!

  • Wrangler Yeah you're right about how time consuming it can be to flick between, but at least you have a grasp using C2's image editor.. I use it for throwing graphics together to test a mechanic or whatever and those graphics are nowhere near what I can do in Photoshop.

    Yeah I agree about onion skinning. That would be nice to have but I doubt that's even on Ashley's todo list :}

    Ashley I know it's not a priority, but surely it'd be easy enough to add an indicator to show the colour selected in the picker window? I think it's long overdue ;p

  • Wrangler when is the public release coming? I really want to learn from this so I can make my own RPG.

  • Tekniko I have to apologise for how long it's taking, but I am still working diligently to get it done! I will PM you soon about helping me test it if you'd like.

  • procrastinator I wholeheartedly agree, but I've found it to be less time consuming than flicking between Photoshop and C2 (plus it doesn't make my laptop behave like it's about to blast into orbit!)

    Onion-skinning in the animation editor would be endlessly useful too.

    I highly recommend Pyxel Edit!

    Super cheap, fast, light and does everything you need.

    Animation, onion skinning, layers, blend modes, exporting in all kinds of ways.

    Been using it for some months now, before I never did pixel art, now I'm all over it haha!

  • Thanks robin Sommer I will definitely be making a purchase!

    It's been a while since the last dev diary update! Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know I've been in the process of moving house, and have still been quietly working on Dungeon Buster at the same time. Juggling these two things with work has also been a task, but I'm finally back to a comfortable scenario where I will be more regularly updating the Dungeon Buster dev diary.

    So what's new with Dungeon Buster?

    The Mistmire, that's what. It's a whole new swamp themed area filled with all the juiciness you'd expect from any adventure game worth its salt. Home to mischievous spirits, dangerous wildlife and more than a few members of the undead cast, the Mistmire is a foreboding but rewarding place to visit. And visit it you will, early in the game, for the Mistmire is a key area in the story and as such serves as a pivotal setting for the catalyst of the plot. But enough of that, I fear I've said too much already! Here's a sneak peek at the Mistmire:

    The Mistmire; so spooky you'll maybe possibly perhaps poop a little.

    Navigating the Mistmire won't be easy. You'll have plenty of obstacles in your path; that water for example, it might look like a luxury spa treatment but a splash about in that will leave you with more diseases than a sewers-worth of rats. Not to mention you'll be seriously lacking most of your skin.

    Plans are under way to bring a much larger sense of scale to the game; a world map akin to Final Fantasy VI is being implemented. To explain further, this world map is a zoomed out version of the game world, in which a giant version of the player character moves from location to location. There will be environmental hazards, and obviously there will be some gating designed into the map to prevent totally free wandering. But there will be hidden content to discover, and any given area will prove more than worthwhile to explore. There are rumours, mere whispers at the moment, of the possibility of introducing a kind of guide character who can be paid to take the player to hidden locations. This will of course have to pass through a feasibility test as it would be a fairly large feature to add. But I remain hopeful that it might be added!

    Lonely Tower entrace (that purple doorway has been changed, dunno what that's about...)

    You might also have seen the redesigned Loam graphic that I posted up in the media section a while ago. I decided to redo it to bring it more into line with the final art style of Dungeon Buster. The other character concepts are also getting a redo to bring them into line with the art style too, so expect to see those popping into existence in the future!

    She'll reap your soul and look fabulous doing so.

    Finally, I just want to say thanks to all the fans out there. You folks are the pillar of support that holds Dungeon Buster together and seeing how many people are desperate to play the game really makes all the time spent developing worth it!

    Until next time,


  • You have a very peculiar and strong colour palette going. I really like the Mistmire too.

  • alvarop Thank you, as time has passed during the development of Dungeon Buster, I've found that I've tried more and more to steer away from realistic colours and leaned more and more towards the saturated and bright colours.

    For example, this was Dungeon Buster about 3 months into development:

    Compared to now:

  • Added a little nod to the main inspiration behind Dungoen Buster:

  • Yup, it works and feels way better now man!

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  • this is a very nice style!

  • Really like the style, especially the vibrant colours in the overworld.

  • Thanks Derqs alvarop fldr

    I've worked long and hard to get the game to where it is now!

  • Added something to help you see in the darker dungeons!

    It's still a work in progress, but hey:

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