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  • Thanks for the update mate

  • Love the pixel art!

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  • Tekniko As soon as it's released it will be open source.


    We are currently re-doing our trailer, as per feedback suggesting that more needed to be shown of the gameplay. We will get this sorted out and have the page visible again as soon as possible. Thanks to all who have voted "Yes" so far, we deeply appreciate it!

  • After Q-Con XXI Animé and Gaming Convention, we have an important announcement to make regarding Dungeon Buster:

    I'll put up a full news post just as soon as I've gathered myself after this crazy weekend.

  • Warning: incoming awesomeness imminent?

  • Phew, Q-Con XXI is over, and what a weekend it was!

    I had a booth at the Indie Arcade, which was in the tradehall area of the convention, meaning that it was a prime location for public attention. I gave out at least 130 business cards to fans and fellow gamedevs over the three days of the convention, and presided over at least 100 separate playthroughs of the Dungeon Buster demo dungeon.Getting the game into a very public setting such as Q-Con provided a very unique opportunity for some free QA testing, and that's exactly what I got! The first person to sit down and play had broken the sword in less than 15 seconds... Shit, how could I have missed this game breaking bug? Turns out there was a flaw in my scripting where using the sword at the exact moment you leave a level will break things, and I had missed that in the hundreds of hours I've been creating this game. That's actually a huge positive, and has opened my eyes to the need for constant outsider testing, and was the first of several nasty bugs that were revealed and subsequently squashed (in between public playtests of course).

    Another very important thing I learnt from the convention is that Dungeon Buster is a very niche game in today's world, but that fans do exist and that they are fiercely loyal. I also discovered a demographic that I hadn't considered at all; kids! Quite a few children came over and tried out Dungeon Buster, some of whom fared far better than their adult counterparts at picking up the control scheme and figuring out the dungeon puzzles.

    Overall the convention was amazing, I learnt so much from the general public about their approach to the game, and also got a ton of feedback from them with regards to what they want to see in the game and how they think the game could be better. I had a notebook with me and was busy scribbling down every suggestion and critique that was mentioned.Most importantly however, Dungeon Buster is:

    I am eternally thankful to the directors of Q-Con for inviting me to show my game at the Indie Arcade, and I would strongly recommend to anyone else who is offered something similar: DO IT!!! You won't regret it, and you'll gain priceless insights into your game.


  • Awesome, looks like an amazing event to have been a part of and sounds like it went down really well too!

    How's the demo progressing? Can't wait to give it a playtest

  • lolpaca The game went down well with the public, it was great to get the free QA testing!

    The demo is getting along well, QCon showed me there's a long way to go however.

  • Looks great!

    And open source is always a good thing so many can learn from it.

  • Hello everyone, many apologies for the distinct lack of updates. Life has had me very much on the back foot so to speak, and I've been struggling to get things done.

    I am still working on Dungeon Buster.

  • how do you make graphics like that??

  • how do you make graphics like that??

    hes using the C2 image editor

  • really how is it looking so good ??

  • Monkeyc careful colour choice and attention to detail is my secret

  • C2 image editor? ugh. I only use it for temp graphics. I'd use it more seriously if it actually showed the colour picked on the colour picker window.

    Nice looking game btw!

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