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  • Well folks, it's been absolutely ages since the last update. Life got in the way of things but we're still working on Dungeon Buster.

    We need a few dedicated people to help us test Dungeon Buster, so that we can make it as good as it can possibly be. Keep in mind that we only need a few people at the moment, so it's first come first serve.

    If you're interested, please PM me!

  • Looks cool and making it open source... very nice *tips hat*

    I actually have a concept rolling around in my head that I intend to work on (after my current project) and it too would be top down Zelda-like (albeit more arcadey, bite-sized), so having a template out there I can sift through if I have trouble with my own is good to know. Hope it all works out for you.

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  • Heh you're very welcome, if you'd be interested in helping us test the game please let me know (it might be a good way to see the engine running for yourself!) Shoot me a PM if you're interested.

  • I would def be interested in testing! I'll PM you soon

  • Just looking at the first images here on the post, Mitch, and the game already stands out in an amazing way!

  • just for pleasure)

  • The art is amazing. I hope the story and game is too!


  • We've invited several people on board to help test Dungeon Buster, which is going remarkably well considering the hiatus the project underwent at the start of 2015. About that; a lot of things came to a head in late December and I took a step back to re-evaluate both my life and my goals. I had to take a break to concentrate on other more important things but we're back in action now.

    Bossfights. Damn are they a pain in the ass to script and choreograph. I split battles into 'attack phases' to make them more manageable in terms of coding. Let's take the boss fight with Finna (the ghost of a knight that has been possessed by an ethereal parasite). The battle with her happens across two larger separate scenarios; battling Finna herself, and battling the parasite. Each larger phase then has at least two phases within it; Finna attacking with a melee attack, and then switching to a ranged bullet-hell type attack pattern, etc.

    That's not to say they aren't fun to create though, I love being able to bend these mighty monsters to my bidding bahahaha! And it's also fun from a technical perspective, and even more hilarious when they don't behave properly.

    The pair above are Tun & Fae, a duet you'll face in the caves deep beneath the Lonely Tower in Mistmire swamp. As I said, coding their fight is proving one Hell of a challenge but I'm loving every minute of it.

    On the topic of shopkeepers, you're gonna be seeing a lot of Aliss (pictured below). She comes from a long lineage of shopkeepers, and has many very similar looking relatives scattered across Jorokiim. In saying that though, they all have their own distinct personalities, and one of them even has a secret underground market.

    So there you have it, more lovely pictures of progress!

    Any comments, ask them below!


  • One word "Awesome!"

  • Thanks!

    Title screen!

  • Looks brilliant, Can't wait to see this

  • i've searched but i didnt find the source file, could you help me?

  • zohairzzd the source hasn't been released yet.

    Just messing around with a 3d modelling program using Dungeon Buster assets:

  • Whew, it's been a while!

    I've been hibernating for a very long time, but development has now restarted.

    So sleepy...

    We've got bugs to squash:


    Boss fights to script:

    Oh noes!

    And hilariously useless items to implement:

    Better than a chocolate kettle, that's for sure

    So stay tuned!

  • Looking great. Congrats for the Greenlight.

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