Archer (Working title) Devlog.

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  • Will this game be on steam greenlight?

  • I looked through the thread and was very impressed. I like developers like tunepunk who have a vision and stick to it now matter how big or small.I know it takes time but the game will come out the way you like it. Your hard work should pay off when the game is released, I look forward to it on my android device.

  • KnivetonStudios Since the game i mainly done for touch devices i doubt it, but I will att a later point try out how it plays using mouse keyboard, or gamepad, and if it works well i might consider steam greenlight.

    PixelPower Thanks mate. Well as this is my first game, it's taking a bit longer as I'm learning construct as I'm going. And you're right, I did have a pretty good vision of what i wanted to make, so it's been a steep uphill to fugure out how to do some things. I still have some stuff on the list like database and higsscores which I have no clue how to do yet, but the C2 community is awesome for getting help, as well as some good tutorials here, so I hope It will work out.. LOL

  • tunepunk Is the core gameplay going to be multiplayer or will you have a mission mode plus multiplayer? Yes if this is your 1st project its a big one to start with. You will learn alot though and have a greater chance of success with a fleshed out game rather than casual game.

  • PixelPower First release gonna be Multiplayer only. Mostly because otherwize I would have to spend a lot of time with a story, and making AI characters, and a lot of levels and content. Then I would never finish the game. LOL Hard to find the time with a fulltime job, and a fulltime Girlfriend. If i had a whole team I could probably make something even more awesome, but I have to keep it simple for now. Make less, but try do it as good as I can. But my plan is to keep adding content after release. Every month or so, maybe a new character, levels, game modes, or maybe a story mode.

  • tunepunk That's great so the core will be multiplayer. There isn't alot of action games for android that are multiplayer so you have an advantage there. Most android multiplayer games are MMO's and RPG's . The last action multiplayer game to come out was unkilled and that was months ago, so there is room in the action multiplayer niche.

  • Another character done. This time a tribal. One more archer type character to come Any suggestions of what his special ability would be?

    Special abilities:

    Thief - Dash

    Elf - Magic Forcefield?

    Tribal - ?

  • tunepunk Where did you get that design? Looks like my father-in-law. My poor mother-in-law

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  • The last of the four characters planned for the release is done. The Hunter with Robin Hood style outfit. Time to give them some color and animations.

  • Tribal-Poison Arrow Heads? something around there? Vodoo magic kinda thing? hibrid thing since you got archer/magic/you need a hibrid to balance them.

    i like the mask from the tribal char... inspired from Dota? or DiabloIII?

    you could make him shoot normal arrows... but have a small gas bomb ?:D

  • , gas bomb... interesting. I'm planning to have more characters released on a regular basis after initial release where i think the gas bomb would fit also, tricky one, but I'll defenatly keep that one in mind. Did you imagine it as a ninja gas bomb where they dissapear in the smoke? or more like some negative effect on other characters?

  • tunepunk keep up the good work

  • Lordshiva1948 Thanks. Got a full weekend planned to start animating and finishing up the level.

    Here's the latest progress.

  • Loving the art style


  • interesting art work. I bet animation will be fun to look at

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