Archer (Working title) Devlog.

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  • Sounds like the right thing to do I think the game would work really well with a gamepad so steam and console should suit it well. I have totally given up on mobile as it is just too much games there so hard to get noticed. Sadly Steam is heading the same direction. Hopefully console stays a little less cluttered.

    Anyway, I hope you'll have great success with this game. Making it online is a big big plus for making it popular

  • Milestone 5 Officially done!!! Just 3 more to go!

    Next step will be to:

    * Complete all the Multiplayer Missions.

    * Add all the character classes & Polish animations & Map.

    * Add online highscore tables.

    Getting there, getting there!

  • Sorry for the lack of updates. Me and wife lost our kid at birth, so I havn't really been in the right mindset for working on games lately, but feeling i'm gonna get back on to it in the coming days. Continuing on the stuff from my previous post.

  • Sorry for the lack of updates. Me and wife lost our kid at birth, so I havn't really been in the right mindset for working on games lately, but feeling i'm gonna get back on to it in the coming days. Continuing on the stuff from my previous post.

    Oh no. That was a knife to the heart to read I wish you both all the best.

  • Animation weekend planned. Trying to figure out some funny death animations. I should watch cartoons the rest of the evening for inspiration. Tom&Jerry maybe? I think each class should have one or several unique death anims. Any ideas? Or maybe depending on from which angle they are hit?

  • Dude, i love your style.

  • Dude, i love your style.

    Haha, Thanks mate It's getting there.

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  • Great art style. Little different than what's out there.

  • ** December Update: **

    Development is not halted but still going a bit slower at the moment. Solved some cool mechanics that's going to make the game a bit more fun.

    * Arrows hitting objects at wide angles will bounce off naturally. (Tricky to get this working in isometric perspective without using collisions)

    * Added different materials. Naturally arrows won't stick to stone/hard objects and instead break on impact.

    * Currently working on more fun mini-missions to do in Multiplayer.

    * Working on all the sound FX and and Music.

    Will let you know when new alpha test is out.

  • I just took the bold decision of trying to redo the game using Q3D instead. I've been playing around with that plugin again, and finally starting to understand how it works. I'm still going to keep an isometric perspective, and I can reuse much of the assets since they are already quite low-poly.

    The reason I'm going to switch over from pre rendered sprites to 3D is mainly because everything is so much harder to do in 2D isometric at this point, as construct 2 is mainly built for platform or top down perspective, i have to do a lot of heavy calculations, for arrows, and using up a lot of memory budget just for characters animations in 8 directions.

    It's a little step back in the development, but It seems like i can keep most of the game mechanics, the multiplayer functionality and much else. I'm just going to switch all the graphics and use real-time 3D instead.

    Other benefits:

    * I can easily use several color versions of the character, by just switching the diffuse-map. (instead of having multiple renders of each character)

    * Arrows are going to behave more naturally, and not so heavy calculations to get corrections for isometric perspective.

    * I can reuse a lot of assets in different angles and colors, instead of having to render 1 sprite for each object. in the orientation that I want it in.

    * I don't have to worry about too many draw calls and Z sorting.

    * Character can now rotate freely, and I'm not limited to 8 steps, which doesn't feel natural in a precision archery game.

    Performance would be pretty much equal or better, depending on how detailed I do the map, but as I'm not using complex shaders with bump, normals, specularity etc etc, It's going to be pretty fast.

    Visual Quality is going to be pretty much the same, except the characters which I have to use a bit more low poly version of, but It should be fine, since they are quite small.

    Wish me luck... I'm keeping the old version of the project for rollback if things go south, but from my tests so far I think Q3D will be better.

  • I see I am not the only one who found isometric tedious in C2. I too switched to 3d for the full 3d benefits.

    I am using Unity though. I tried Q3d and did not like it. Working in 3d without a 3d viewport was no fun.

  • Just wanted to post a little update on how it's going, moving the game over from 2D to 3D using Q3D. So far so good.

    Import models - Works flawlessly, although i have to otimize much of my art to low poly version.

    Apply textures/Change textures - No problem here. Pretty easy to do.

    Movement/Rotation - Working well with touch input.

    Height position based on terrain. - Using raycaster on the character pointing downwards so i can have complex terrain.

    Arrow physics (ray based or collision based) - So far seems to be working well but I'm going to try raycaster on the arrow, to stick on geometry rather than colission boxes.

    Collisions(Movement) - Still working on this - as I might have the entire map as one model imported.

    Multiple animations per character. I had a bit of trouble with this at first but managed to fix it by editing the json file.

    Animation blending. - Worked like a charm

    Pinning - Easy to set objects as child to other objects.

    Exporting baked textures from maya - Takes a bit of work but looks great.

    Building complete map in maya. -The whole map is one object, and Just using collision boxes in the C2 - Still investigating this.

    Mobile Performance test 60fps - Managed to get 30-60 dps on midrange phone. faster with realtime shadows off.

    Seems as things are moving, and it's doable. It's a bit tricky level editing in c2, but I'm trying to do as much as i can in maya.

  • tunepunk,

    Any progress on movement or map-making?

    I've gone through a couple of iterations on movement, and basically decided that it is too CPU-intensive to try to raytrace downward to get the height of a player from the ground. This basically leaves creating height maps somehow.

    Also, when you export from Maya, what direction are the objects facing? I'm working with an artist right now who doesn't use Construct 2, and I don't use Maya, and we are having trouble getting things facing the right way.

  • cjbruce

    Strange. Tracing the height had almost zero effect on my performance. My exports were also facing the wrong way but easily fix in the model properties. Rotated model. X - 90, Y, -90. I will send you an early test capx on PM somyou can take a look at it. Maybe that helps.

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