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  • Unless it uses the Spriter framework it would be limited, as Ashley had to modify a few things in C2 to allow importing multiple files at a time.

    Otherwise you would have to import all the image files manually, and give each one a behavior.

    Likewise you would have to create events to associate those objects to act as one, or create a family for each multipart object.

    All the behavior would be good for is telling all the parts what to do.

    Coincidentally you would probably have to import that data at runtime.

  • hey guys , i started working on this plugin , keep you updated here

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1owx ... sp=sharing

    Good luck!

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  • hey guys , i started working on this plugin , keep you updated here

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1owx ... sp=sharing

    This is going to be great if you can pull it off.

  • Any news about the plugin ?

  • github.com/flyover/spine-c2-plugin

    There's still a good amount of work to do integrating control with C2, but it's a start. It supports all spine attachment types on Canvas and WebGL, including IK and FFD.

  • Unbelievable games!!!!!! this is the greatest day in the world!

  • Unbelievable flyovergames!!!!!! this is the greatest day in the world! Donation sent!

  • Great job flyover!

  • Here's some performance numbers

    Main computer (3.2 ghz with a geforce 970) - 75 instances of the raptor walk at 30fps

    On an amazon fire phone i was only able to get about 6 30 fps

    can't test my ipad air right now

  • thanks for this plugin

  • I'm not a big fan of Spine, but I want to say this as encouragement to the Plugin developer.

    Your implementation though still short on features comparably. Is a far better implementation model than Spriter. Spriter import sucks. Each object entity require it's own Sprite object. Where as Spine plugin does it the right way. Just one texture sheet. Also this means that the Spine object is only 1 object. It's just so much better. I think with a few more features for image swapping, I will convert to Spine. The plugin is just far better in design.


  • Thanks for the feedback everyone; and for the donation

    I've added some basic functionality to the plugin.

    Cnds::HasLooped - has animation looped

    Cnds::HasLoopedCount - has animation looped N times

    Acts::SetSkin - set skin key

    Acts::SetPrevSkin - set to previous skin

    Acts::SetNextSkin - set to next skin

    Acts::SetAnim - set animation key; resets loop count if different

    Acts::SetPrevAnim - set to previous animation; resets loop count

    Acts::SetNextAnim - set to next animation; resets loop count

    Acts::SetTime - set animation playback time

    Acts::SetRate - set animation playback rate (can be negative)

    Acts::ResetLoopCount - reset animation loop count

    Exps::GetTime - get animation playback time

    Exps::GetLength - get animation length

    Exps::GetRate - get animation playback rate

  • Fantastic! flyovergames This is awesome. I'll check it out asap. Out of curiosity. For colissions does the plug in base them on the shape of the images? Or can it look up the colissions boxes feature of spine?

    Keep up the great work!

  • Small bug found: When using the "set next skin" action at run time, it cycles to a blank one before wrapping around back to the first one again.

    try the goblins example file that was provided with spine.

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