How do I test IAP for IOS

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  • OK, so i made my app

    added it to itunes

    now how do i really test that the whole IAP process really works ?

    Purchase works

    returning to the purchased app keeps purchase


    and so on...

    The documentation on scira regrading IAP is really lacking any step by step approach and example on how do do this. Anyone having examples on the process ?

  • Im in the same situation you are. Have you being able to test IAP in test mode running it directly from Construct? I am not able to do even that.

    So far I have set up all my iaps on itunes connect, they are waiting to review but from the docs I learned that even if they are waiting for review you should be able to test them with testflight and sandbox. But I have tried using TestFlight and nothing.

    This are my current issues (Even testing locally with Test Mode yes):

    • Purchase doesnt works
    • I dont even get the purchaseFail triggered.
    • Is store available always returns FALSE
    • Get store listing doesnt work, It never calls on store listing received.

    I hope someone in Scirra can help us with this, seems that this has been an obscure topic for some time.

  • I emailed their support yesterday morning without any answer yet. I have to admit that not answering such a key issue is worrying me as a paid member

  • Just now I managed to build the iOS app with Intel XDK, I didnt wanted to do that because I just wanted a simple Cordova app that I could manage and deploy on Xcode, but due to the problem with IAP not working on that build, and the nonexistent reply from Scirra I had to try that.

    Nevertheless to build it was easy, I just got confused with my provisioning profiles and certificates but at the end I managed to have it builded successfully and deployed it on a device.


    Official IAP Not working

    Cranberry IAP Working good

    With the Cranberry IAP plugin I was able to successfully make a purchase, I also got store listing and store available.

    I will do some more testing for performance on the Intel XDK to see if its allright, then when I get home from work I will write maybe a tutorial on how to get all this working at least for the Intel XDK.

  • Great, any chance to share capx or screenshot of event sheet with Cranberry IAP ?



  • The Cranberry IAP works exactly the same as the official IAP, the name of the functions and events are the same and you set it up exactly as the official IAP

  • Thanks I have to admit that this is the first time im doing it and i couldnt find an complete explanation on how to do a freemium app

    i want to unlock some screens on one time purchase, what i am missing is

    1. how to set in-p purchase (inside of the project not on the app store)

    2. how to store purchase so if a user purchased and come back the app is completely open

    3. how to restore purchase on a new install.



  • For your 1st question

    First on your store layout, in the

      1-On start of layout, use the Add product ID action to add the product IDs you will be using, e.g. "product1,product2,product3". 2-After that (still in the 'Start of layout' event), use the Request store listing action. This starts downloading the names and prices of the given products. Some platforms require this information to be available for the IAP features to work. 3-When On store listing success triggers, the product names and prices are available, and purchases can start being made or checked with the Has product condition.

    For your 2nd question

    So after this point you can do a purchase, on purchase successful you can store a variable on web storage or wherever you want but make that variable is persistent.

    Then have your extra content to check every time for that variable, if its set then show your extra content, if its not set then you should not show it.

    I still havent experimented with restoring, I will tell you when I get it

  • Thanks. for the detailed info. When Can i store the variable on a the local device , not on web storage ?

    So after a user unlocked a game and come back after a while without an internet connection it will still have the purchase available on the local machine.

  • The webstorage is permanent as long as they dont delete the app, you dont need to have network connection to access the webstorage. If they delete the app you can retrieve your purchases with the restore function, which I will investigate this weekend.

  • thanks, let me know if you have an updat eon this , i also found a documentation here : ... ull-guide/

  • Hi hazneliel,

    Can you give me more information about how you made cranberry IAP to work with construct2+Intel XDK?

    I am using the official IAP and as followed the necessary steps like "Add product ID" & "Request Store Listing" etc. I have done the IOS build in Intel XDK which successfully builds it with Plugin "cc.fovea.plugins.inapppurchase" (3.4.1). But my IAP does not work both with test and regular user. I don't get either "on Store listing SUcess" or "On Store listing Failure" triggers.

    How do I change to Cranberry IAP from official IAP plug in.


  • ignore my previous post. I could figure out the way to integrate the cranberry IAP replacing the official IAP and it is working for me in the IOS build. Want to inform that same is the case for ADMOB IOS integration also. The official Admob plug-in does not work on IOS when build on Intel-XDK. I had to replace it with phonegap admob plugin and then it works.

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  • Does anybody is having issues testing the Cranberry IAP on the sandbox? also testing Game center? I have the following issues:

    • When I make a successful purchase, then quit, kill the app and reopen it. It prompts me again to buy something.
    • When I upload a score to the leaderboard, I get the "score submit success" event triggered, but when I open the Game Center I dont see any score there.
  • - When I make a successful purchase, then quit, kill the app and reopen it. It prompts me again to buy something.

    I ahve the same issue with Scirra plugin, i think you need to store the prurchase on a local variable via webstorage. I didnt try it yet but got a tip from a community member to do so. need to test though. if you do test please share if it worked for you.

    Also There is a template by Andreas with everything steup on the store but i didnt buy it yet,

    Worth 4$ i guess : ... e-base-548

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