How do I test IAP for IOS

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  • 1. Yes on xdk and cranberrygame. Not in production but with adhoc. There is a problem with Intel XDK ( i am able to build it with production certificate) while uploading the ipa file to itunesconnect and I am interacting with XDK support to resolve the issue.

    2. Have not tested with internel tester as uploading to itunes connect does not work.

    3. I am only testing with sandbox mode. Once I resolve the previous issues I will

    4. I am not getting any store login unless I press the sprite. But sometimes once it comes it keeps on coming for three or four times. I have seen this issue earlier on unity also.But as you will go to production it will not happen.

    I suggest you to buy the cranberry plugin sets that cost US $ 25. I am getting good support from the guy to make progress.


  • Thanks. Keep me updated. I am getting these logins on production.


  • btw, what is the way to turn off sandbox mode ?

  • You cant disable sandbox mode, everytime you launche the app from xcode, with the developer profile, beta, or generate an ipa. The app will run on sanbox mode. The only way to have the app running outside sandbox is publishing it.

    The sdk tool generates ipas, those will run in sanbox mode unless you upload them to itunes connect and they get published.

  • So as long as they are in internal testing they will be considered sandbox?

    I foynd the reason for the login on the wrong layer. This is the iap plugin of scirra. When i removed it from the project and replaced with cranberry then this behavior stopped.

  • Really? ohh awesome Im going to try that, I didnt removed it from the project, I just disabled the events. Great finding!

    Yes, as long as they are not in the store or adhoc they run in the sandbox.

    By the way, I need some testflight testers for my app, if you have and iPhone 6, even 5, would you be interested?

  • sorry, for ios i have only ipad if you need. ill be happy.

    i do upload it to the store but for internal testing and use testflight to get it . it still shows sandbox i hope thats how it should be

  • Yeah even in testflight they run in the sandbox.

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  • Hi Alon,

    Are you building the production version in Intel XDK and uploading to appstore using application loader? In my case I am able to build it, but uploading fails as 60bsd@3x icons are missing?

    I am not getting help from Intel side as yet.


  • yes, what is 60kui@3x icons ?

  • in Intel xdk I have added icons and splash screens in the relevant section and then built the system. When I upload the game using application loader I get this error submitted to intel xdk folks.

    I am wondering how are you not getting it.

  • I have to admit that i have no clue why you are getting it. Try to restart a new project on xdk and upload the files i hope it will help

  • i will do it today.

    One question. Are you adding the icons and splash screens in the Intel XDK build options or in the additions.xml file?

  • Inside the xdk. And you need also these files to be on the exported project root folder. First add then to root then pick them from the xdk

  • have you put any cfbundleid verion number in IOS build settings?

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