Strange Sound Problem with Internet Explorer 9/10

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  • I have got a strange problem. Sound and music only works lokal in internet explorer 9 and 10 for me when i test the games with construct2. from a webspace i dont get the sound and music effekts.

    i tested it on a win7 and win8 pc with internet explorer 9 and 10, on both, local the sound and music works but not when the game is on a webspace.

    i got this problem with 2 games i tested and i also tried 2 webspaces, a free one and one i pay for.

    anyone can help me with this problem? the games are working with sound in opera, firefox and chrome on win7 and win8 from both webspaces and on an ipad2 with firefox and safari also.

  • wii07 I have the same problem in my IE9. Did you manage to find a fix for that?

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  • I have the same problem - I just deployed a small game to Windows Azure, and it doesn't have sound in IE 11 anymore. Works fine in IE 11 when running locally, but running from the web causes it to lose sound.

    I did notice that the .wav files in the project are not deployed when creating an HTML5 export project - perhaps this is a C2 bug?

  • It's a good practice to use OGG files for sound. Microsoft is the ONLY one who doesn't support OGG as far as I know. It's cute you guys like to have your games working in IE, but I think it's time to put on the big boy pants and realize Internet Explorer is not just the least used browser, but it's also the most incompatible with HTML3...and 4 is a struggle, and I won't even get into 5. I'm sure the reason ACID tests always displayed funky in IE was due to them not knowing what they were doing, and I'm pretty sure if I were a MS employee, when Balmer told me to "get the acid test working" I would never have fixed the actual problems, but instead had just finagled until acid, and ONLY acid, was working.

    I know I know, to each his own...but I don't live on Mars because there is no Oxygen. Microsoft, in turn, has asked us all to live on Mars since 3.11 and guess what? No oxygen. It's great for the view, but hardly worth the trip in the end. Don't hang yourselves up on getting your game to work in IE, because I gave up on that when I was learning HTML standards. I don't even put "if IE" tags in my web pages. If you use IE, you don't need to be at my page, that sort of thing. If it works right, bravo, if not, oh well sorry.

    I think it's time Microsoft had a taste of their own medicine anyways. For all the systems I can't play my old games on, I won't be remiss for excluding Microsoft from my personal plans.

  • Hi roracle,

    I appreciate your "enthusiasm" for your personal preferences. My personal browser preference is Internet Explorer, which is a popular browser that supports HTML5 and runs on a number of exciting platforms, including my Surface 2 - which I use every day. Plays flash games wonderfully too!

    I'd prefer not to exclude any HTML5 capable browser, and certainly not because I have a personal grudge against one of them for some arbitrary reason. Life is too short to spend it coming up with creative - albeit humorously paranoid - reasons to hate things that other people enjoy.

    The original question that wii07, Cipriux, and I have still stands. Thanks for your help though.

  • If you are in this as a business, you can't just snub your nose at a huge section of potential customers because your "big boy" pants don't like their choice. A little bit of effort can go a long way in getting your game out to the widest possible audience. Business sense has to take precedence over your personal like or dislike of any particular platform or you are just shooting your self in the foot. Letting your personal baggage or biases get in the way will not help you in the long run.

  • To each their own, and I am in this for business, and I can snub my nose at a small section of people. It's a less used browser and I don't see it ever being usable in the future. It's a branch of Mosaic and a bad one. Firefox is the most updated version of that project and most compatible. This isn't so much about preference as it is about stability. Always has been, for me at least. Thanks for the input though. I'll go with what works, and suggest others do the same.

  • It's a less used browser

    Yeah only a couple 100 million or so people using it ....

  • Yes, and every person I've come across who uses IE is not the target audience for my games. Maybe if I were doing angry birds or the likes, but I'm interested in a more learned audience. I don't make casual games, and IE is for the casual user, which every gamer I know uses the "IE is good for downloading another browser" line when discussing such a topic. If people spend too much time trying to make things compatible with Microsoft platforms, that would make them all look like jerks the past 20 years for not caring about anything _but_ Microsoft platforms. It's easier to make things for every other platform, and if you have the time, THEN you release for Microsoft, or Nintendo, or whoever you have to get all special for. Target the biggest audience first, and IE is not part of that target.

    I'm glad you guys are interested in appealing to senses for evident customer bases, but it's important to also know your base. Just because a large group of people still have CD Players, it would be silly to try to sell them MP3's if they're stuck on the CD, won't it? It's just music, so what's the big deal? It's not compatible, and to make it compatible means the customer would have to suffer through making it so, no matter how easy I make it. (You can relate the same situation to how easy it is to play Ultima Online in Windows, but in Linux you need the Linux client which was developed but not kept up with).

    It just so happens Microsoft's IE and Windows platforms are only in the game because they have the money to be in the game, not because they have anything to bring to the table. I've seen this before with RIM, and called it ages ago, no one believed me, but where are they now? Just because we can still see Betelgeuse doesn't mean it hasn't gone supernova yet.

  • Here is a great overview of things:

    Browser usages

    As you can see, internet explorer made quite a fall over the years ... but actually since last month gained 1%.

    IE11 is not bad at all.

  • Ok so how about we get back on topic.. IE non local doesn't seem to work. I have a project that also has no sound in Internet Explorer. This is bad.. so far as I can tell my project contains m4a, wav and ogg in the project.. so when i upload all three should be there.. and yet its totally silent.

    Bickering over browsers is a waste of time... the reality is none of them are going away.. bitching about them isn't going to make any of them change their ways.. the question i think we all want to know is

    "What can we do (or C2 fix) to allow us to have audio on internet explorer.? Any technology worth its salt should be able to make SOUND on IE."

  • can anyone from Scirra weigh in on this issue? It's clearly a broad issue many users are experiencing. Having our games fail to make ANY sound on IE10 is a serious problem. we can't expect people to go use Chrome or Firefox.. clients will not be ok with us telling them their customers will have to use anything but IE10 to hear sound.. Ashley can you confirm this issue? It's really thrown a wrench in my dealings with clients when I have to tell them they can't play their HTML5 game on IE..

  • As far as we are aware audio works just fine on IE9+. The most common reasons audio doesn't work after publishing is that you either forgot to encode or upload all the sound files, or your server MIME types are incorrect (described more in the manual). If it works in preview mode this makes it very likely to be to do with your server.

  • My game failed to make any sound in IE10 and IE11 until I made sure my web host had the mime types for m4a audio correctly added. Now all sounds work great in my games on IE10 and IE11.

  • mime types? could you explain a little more about what you had to do to get it to work? This is great news!

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