How do i stop multiple pathfinding objects from grouping together?

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  • I'm making a top down shooter game but i can't stop the enemies (wich has the pathfinding behaviour) to not grouping up. I thought about it and realised that making themselves obstacles doesn't work because they don't calculate paths actively. Is there any way to make them do that without them messing up preformance or is there any other/better idéa that i could try?

    Need answers quickly!!

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  • There's no official or suggested way to do this as there can be hundreds of different ways to go about it.

    None of them are easy or quick.

  • The simplest thing I can think of for this (admittedly I have not implemented it myself) is to differentiate between the overlapping instances in some way (possibly pick by highest UID for example) then lower the speed of one of the two picked instances. This will mean the instances "bob" back and forth in speed, decelerating when they overlap another instance with a higher UID, but accelerating when not, but if you want a quick and dirty method this should work.

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