how to make a 7 segment display?

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  • hi, someone know how to make a 7 segment display for visualize score?


  • Implementing a 7 segment display by segment would be a lot of work for very little benefit. I would suggest just building the 10 frames for each of the numbers and then indexing them by frame, for 0 to 9. You only need one action to change the digit. You also have the option of changing your 'font' easily in the future.

  • *delete* look at next post ;-p

  • I've found a very easy and cool way to do that using a special web font convert to the light "woff" format ... ;-p

    No Google web font with this kind of "digital" effect (as supposed) but i've found a classic windows font ( after searching a little more i discover the "woff" font format (Web Open Font Format) which is very light and support by all recent browsers ... searching more again a free web tool to convert my font format to "woff" (, this tool also create a stylesheet to use it ... so my only real work was removing some unused data in the stylesheet ! (10 seconds).

    So now i use C2 import files feature to bring access to this stylesheet and the digital font ... the last thing is just to use "set web font" on the text object and ...

    ... a cool digital web font is in your project and working "everywhere" ! ;-p ... I share the project capx Here (with the digital font) for testing and use it in your own projects* ... thanks to report bugs if so ;-p

    If you just want to test the result it's Here ...

    Test working on pc all browsers and safari ios 5.1.1 ... the arial standard font is replace by the digital one by local url so it could take sometimes 2 seconds to the new font to be loaded (will be fixed in next release).

    I discover now all this is explained in a scirra tutorial ;-p ... so the only thing interesting here is the use of the "import feature" which make your font embelled in your project.

    * this font is a shareware font please contact author if selling a project using it (DS-Digital by Dusit Supasawat)

    ENjoy !

  • thank you. so in the projec the .woff file is necessary? can i use only css file?

    thank you

  • no you need the 2 files to make it work.

  • ok, thank you. i'm new thank's for the suggest and sorry for my english.

    have you got any ideas for a wheel effect? i'd like to make a set of card reels like a slot machine.

    thank's and sorry for the "out of topic"

  • don't forget to add naelian to your post ... thanks ;-p

    ok i will change my capx to do this and not simply add 1 ;-p

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  • naelian thank you

  • puoidirloatutti ... sorry man i think i've not understand well what you want !

    If you want to create a real wheel moving effect on something which is not "numbers" (simulating something fully mechanical) my work will not solve your problem and i suggested you searching "jackpot" (or something like that) in forum because i have already seen demo like that here ... the best is probably to create a new post for this new question too !

    I think this wheel is not very difficult to do but required a lot of time to be done (very high sprite or tiledbackground to simulate a "column" of objects and then a system to make it move with different speed on y axis.

    I'm working on the capx but to simulate and game generating a random "number" effect used in some old electronical games so it's not (i think) the same objective ;-(

  • The problem with that font is that the "1" doesn't take the same space compared to all the other digits. I wonder why it is not monospaced...

  • Yes it's totally true but i create a "oldies display mode" is the new capx to force a kind of "monospace" management for numbers ... this lack of monospace can also be a good thing ... it depends the way you want to use it.

    The "oldies display mode" give a dim/fade effect to numbers as in old arcade console and can also be use to simulate a computer generating a random number.

    *edit* new capx and online test uploaded ;-p

  • can you put the new capx?


  • can you put the new capx?

    He probably updated the files in his previous post.

  • thanks

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