how to make a 7 segment display?

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  • Yes, i just replace the previous releases of online project and capx with the new one (no interest to keep old releases online !) ... If you have already test a old release you perhaps have to refresh the app after loading to force update so you must have now 2 lines of text display like that :

    Normal mode : 88888 (no monospace use so a "1" not take the same width than a "8" ... this display so can be not good if the text is put on a bitmap to simulate a real object) ...

    Oldies mode : 88888 (monospace 'like' behaviour is force for numbers so it's possible to create special background effects (dim here) ... or use this font as a front display on a bitmap to simulate a real object. If you don't want the oldies (fade in/out) effect remove or disable the fade behaviour in the text object)

    Obviously it could me more simple to find and use a "real" monospace digital font ;-p ... i choose this one because pretty nice and this is the only one i have found using only the 7 standard segments for displaying numbers (0-9) ... but sure it's possible to find something better !.

    I have also in mind to put in this project a font for doing "subtitles" ... objective is the same as before so same display on every browser (no css webkit specific tag)... nice rather classic font with effects (light shadow + outline) to have a text always "readable" is all cases.


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  • And new update again ! ;-p ...

    General :

    • The same generated number is now use in all mode to better see the differences using each display mode.
    • Cleaner code removing unused things.

    Oldies mode :

    • This mode use now red color such as in some old clocks or slot machines (@puoidirloatutti <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />)
    • the ":" text is display now using a clock like second 'tick' each time a new number is generated (so here every 0.25 secs)
    • First "0" are not display too and # of digits can be change in program code.
    • (*edit add*) the "Oldies"/"mode" text is also display now using 2 levels of display brightness such as Alarm clock of special text like "WIN !" on slot machines.

    ENjoy !

  • sorry, i'm trying to put "88" in the back and the real value over. like a real 7 digit display where you can see the segment in the back. i can't understand how the e xample works. thanks for explain to me...

  • naelian: sorry but i can't understand how to make "1" take the same space of "2" and other digit....

    thank's for the answare.

  • naelian: is it possible that in some mobile browser the effect don't work? i'm trying it in the standard browser of an androd device...

    have you got some new update?

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