[Resolved] How do I slide my view when i click on sprite ?

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  • Hello, i'm actually create a "clicker game" and i want to slide my view when i click on the sprite, but i'm beginner and i don't know how to this easily..

    Can someone explain me step by step or link me a tuto ?


    (Sorry for my english, if it's bad)

  • Clicker game? What kind of game do you specifically mean, please be more specific. Also, desktop or mobile, as for your intended platform?

    Slide your view, as in have the camera pan? If so, do you want the camera always centered on the player object, or to pan to an object further away? You can also do both with some simple eventing.

  • Sorry

    Clicker game for mobile, i want exactly that ( with arrow ) : scirra.com/arcade/other-games/clickertapper-game-source-on-store-176

    But on my game isn't arrow, it's a small square, and i want when i click on my square, my view, or the view of the game down. So I can see my menu to upgrade "cookie" per click or "cookie" per seconds, i hope i'm clear..

  • If I understand you correctly, you want to start in the middle out of the layout, ten when the player clicks left or right, have the camera pan to the left or right depending on the direction?

    I'm having trouble understanding your last sentence, sorry.

    "But on my game isn't arrow, it's a small square, and i want when i click on my square, my view, or the view of the game down, i hope i'm clear..."

    Your game doesn't use arrow icons on the side or do you mean it doesn't use keyboard key controls? Also, were you hinting that set window size is a square instead of a phonescreen size? I think you mean when the player moves, you want the camera to follow the choice/movement?

  • Yep, I think you understand.

    No window size is correct for phone and my game doesn't use arrow icons but i want my square with same effect (to move view of players scroll down)

    And when my view scroll down, i'll try to appear a cross on the top right to back on my "principal" view.

    PS : don't be sorry, it's my fault :p

  • Just to make sure this is correct, this is a mobile game right? Is there a visible player sprite object the player controls? Or is it just an interface that you want the cursor to be able to scroll past the phone bounds?

  • Yes this is a mobile game, I've example for you, my clicker game looks like this : hpics.li/999505f

    And i want when i click on the square (Facebook icon in my example) my view scroll down, sorry if i repeat my words but im not sure i'm clear..

  • Someone else knows ?

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  • Okay, I think I can make you something but I've never developed anything for mobile, only desktop.

  • Oh ok thanks, and isn't same technics ?

  • No.

  • Oh ok, i tried but no success :/

  • So, just to make sure, you want the camera to pan somewhere off screen from the default screen window (and for the new view to center there)?

    I almost thought for a split second, since you mentioned a facebook icon, that you just wanted it to open a facebook page from the app.

  • Wait I will create some picture for you.

  • Okay? Sorry, trying to understand as clearly as I can

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