[Resolved] How do I slide my view when i click on sprite ?

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  • No problem, I 'm glad you trying to help me :p


  • That's pretty much the function I just described.

  • Yep, but this is more detailed in picture.

  • Your mockup imposes limitations, mainly having to do with canvas (or also window sizes)

    This only applies to mobile, and I think you said you were developing for mobile (correct me if I'm wrong)

    The limitations:

    Your picture implies (if I'm correct) that you also want the canvas to change in size, but if you're on a mobile device, this is not a good idea, generally speaking. You can change the canvas size in System (and therefore, the window size), but with mobile devices, this is a bad idea.

    It has to do with one, phone resolution (varies between model/brands) and two, while the following is a general guideline: there is a widthxheight limit defined as a 'safezone', this describes if as long as said limit is not surpassed, a game will display fine on almost any mobile device.

  • I can still make a general capx for you, but keep mind that it won't be exactly as you desired.

  • If i understand you, we can't do want i'm asking because the size of camera isn't same, if is that, can we scroll like i ask, but with the same size, i'll change my backgroudn later if it's a problem.

  • Sorry, I got confused (wasn't sure if you had wanted the screen size to change) but I can make you a working example regardless.

  • If you can change size of view when we click on the button is perfect, but if you can't and you must to keep principal size isn't probleme, i'll extend my background

    But if you have an example i can see if it's correct for me.

  • The limitations are something you don't have to strictly follow at all but it's because different devices have different aspect ratios, and if your layout isn't the correct size, it may not display correctly on certain devices. It's just good policy to make sure it does. Aspect ratios:

    3:2 or 2:3 --- iOs and Android

    4:3 or 3:4 --- iOs and Android

    5:3 or 3:5 --- Android

    16:9 or 9:16 --- iOS and Android

    16:10 or 10:16 --- Android

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  • Edit, I meant screensize, my bad

  • My windows size is : 1024,1280 4:5 no ?..

  • If you're intending to be testing on a mobile device, no (I'll send you a PM about that stuff, if you want to fix windowsize to support all mobile devices) but for now, I'll just get to working on that example for you.

  • With my resolution, isn't support all mobile devices ?

    Didn't know that..

  • This should work regardless of any window size:

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/589 ... ttons.capx

  • Nice, u did a perfect job, i'll replace this little blue square by a cross in top right, but isn't problem i think, thanks you for everything !

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