How do I overlay animation on my character

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  • so i got an animation of my character running without any arms, animation of arms in running motion, and an attack motion. Since it looks wierd when i attack it uses my stand still attack image, after some research i noticed that some games use a seperate arms image.... anyways i'm not sure how I would layer this animation on my running character

    so if the player is just holding a direction key the character arms running will play on top, but if a player is holding a direction key and hitting the attack button it will switch to the attack arms animation

  • Not near my computer but it sounds like on the player object make an image point for the arms object to pin it. So set the arms origin point where you would mount it on the body and then add the 'PIN' behavior to the arm object. Then in the arm object layout have two animation set one for running another for throwing. After that go to the eventsheerr and the on start of layout event and have the arms pin itself to the player body.

  • ya i've been trying that cant seem to get it to work properly though, i've looked at other image point tutorials but i want my arms to move with my character and i tried pinning it but ... ya i wonder if you have time to help me over skype sometime?

  • Don't have skype but I can set something up to help.

  • alright phoenixnightly

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  • Gussy you mean like this. Use arrows key and W, E

  • I dont know because i cant see the project i'm using free version of construct 163 and your using 166

  • I threw this together its quick and dirty see if this help you get started. I did before you provided you sprite so I will check into that.

    With the example I just used the animation speeds for idle and moving. I don't really have my software for screenshots with me sorry if its a bit blurry.

    Here is an example of it running-- ... index.html

  • ya your images are hard to read but i get it , i'll see what i can do on my end

  • UPDATE:Yea I tried enlarging them and shrinking the other text. That should be better. With the license you would have the option of families you could just make a player family and mirror them in one event.

  • Ive been having a similar issue with my project. I have a thread here called "How do i set 1 sprite onto multiple instances of an enemy".

    What i wanted was to have a seperate animation run over the top of an enemy when the player is near him. Check out the thread and see if theres anthing useful

  • oh nice i can see it much better thanx

    and thank you MoyMoy i'll have to check your thread on that

  • Yes I see what you did here, looks like what I'm trying to do but its not working, i think i need to make the conditions like you did with "else" and the "or" events for my Left and Right keys

  • Also to be consistant the idle arm should be alone also. That just my Opinion but I will download your sprite and play with it. So the arm with have three animation stages. idle, running and attacking

  • The link from earlier has been updated with your sprite.

    This go into how I handled you character

    It could be cleaned up in some areas but its a start, no?


    After I fix the origin points and stuff I didn't need the armMount Variable to keep updating so if origins and imagepoints are setup right these are not necessary

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