How do I overlay animation on my character

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  • Use the variable state of the playerArms and if it is overlapping the enemy should work. So if state is attacking and armobject is overlapping enemy should work.

  • ya i think i'm doing it utterly wrong could you plz get skype and add my ID gryz34

    and i'm still having that arm issue too

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  • About 85% of the time I am at places that don't permit installation of software. One of the key thing iI like about C2 is I can take anywhere on my flash drive and no installation (hence I don't use mmf2 and gamemaker even though I have them. They just don't fit my lifestyle right now of always being out). My weeks are full and i usually only have time to come home eat, go to sleep and get back up and do it again. This was vacation week so I had more time...but not enough to even attempt the Ludumdare warmup game jam:(.

  • ya it only took me time to figure the things out that i wanted , i got all the jumping and actions in place they way i want, and i also got monsters with the hit boxes. Yet its not satisfying yet when they just disappear so i need to make a kill animation.

    I tried the Flash behavior but i dont see it working. I also would like to make it so it takes multiple collisions for the enemy to dissapear so not sure how to set that up

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