How do I overlay animation on my character

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  • would it be possible for you to copy this work to the free version of construct 2? I'd like the file to see how it looks/plays, also how did you set those global variables at the top?

  • wait nevermind i figured it out!!!

  • Great cause I really don't do giving .capx cause having the person implement the instructions helps them to learn their way around C2. FYI: You can also get the beta one it at the bottom of the page. Its not just for license owners it has the same restrictions as the stable release. Also remember to remove the idle arm to make it separate to be the base of the arm animation

  • ya i had to do something differently like instead of doing else actions i'm trying to just invert the keys i dont want pressed, and I like your thinking yes let me figure this out i hate just copy and pasting others work but i'm getting close... very close

  • Yes, you at least know its possible.

  • ok i cant get the arms to animate but i got it! and i am now falling through floors for some odd reason

  • ok floors are now fixed , umm i need help still ughhh ok ... its coming along let me attach the project so you see where i am

    ok as you can see i got the arms, but when i let go of the key how would i get them to disappear?

  • First thing I have one sprite object for the arms. And in that object I have 3 animations "Idle","Running","Attack" I have name this way so when the state is set I don't have to retype the animation name I just put the playerState variable as the animation to play.


    That is why you see the event at the bottom that as long as the playerState is set to something it will set the animation to that set state. So each sprite animation are name corresponding to make it work. Player object has an Idle and Running animation. Having multiple objects isn't the best method.

  • ok i got the arms to animate now but it only plays once ughhh, i had the darn name wrong the whole time

  • Yes you have to set the animation to loop in the animation editor

  • GOT IT! ok i'm learning Phoenix i dont know if your a guy or girl but hey BIG HUGS! now i gotta figure how to rid the arms when no keys are pressed that should be easy... hopefully

  • ok i've come a long ways phoenix but i need help on something simple, as i run and slash things left and right.... the arms are in 2 different spots and i need them to be consistent on both directions here is my project so far

  • I have to go do Easter activities but you have made enough effort that its only fair I give my capx. (FYI I am using the beta release like I said early you can get the same version I have by downloading the beta at the bottom of the page.)


    1. You only need the arm pinning to the player not them both pinning to each other.

    2. Take the no arm animation and make it the topmost animation for the arms so that it will be the default animation and you won't see the attack animation at the start of the level.

    3. I think it may be something with the origin points that is setup in the animation cause you will see in my .capx I was able to just pin and I didn't have to keep updating the position of the arms.

  • HA! i'll check your capx out but i dont think i need it ... lol

    Yes on #2 ! I was thinking i needed to do that but it didn't pop into my head till this morning, and as for #3 I did fiddle with the origins but then the attack lookd goofy when running in one direction or other. I thought maybe I could use 2 different origins when attacking depending which way the player was facing.

    Another Question i have is that i didn't use the animation arms, during the standing still attacks will i be able to still set a bolean on that part of the sword as a collision for enemies

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  • OH i see what you did nvm looking at your capx helpd , i put image points on my arms and i see you didn't do that thats why mine is all goofy

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