Moving objects at slope's angle (bullet)

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  • Hello all,

    I've been busy with C2 for a week now but this is the first time I'm asking a question. So far the support out there has been great but I couldn't find this one thing.

    I was wondering how I can make an object move along solid objects with the bullet behavior applied.

    I already pinned the image to a rectangle object. Now I can get it to move alongside the solid objects but it doesn't rotate its angle alongside the solid objects' angle so they match up.

    Basically the player can spawn objects at command which will encounter the enemy objects at a point so I want the objects to be non-player controlled.

    I found a tutorial but when I tested his .capx it didn't work 100%. It has still had bugs in them where the moving object didn't align with the solid objects.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • What tutorial did you use?

  • Hello,

    I tried this one: The .capx is in the comments. I noticed when you jumped on to the sloped area, and go back it gets buggy from there. I can't post a URL yet unfortunately.

  • Er, sorry- the forum is designed to trim URLs from new users to prevent spammers. Can you just give the name and author?

  • "Make a character walk on slopes and adjust angles appropriately" by Wazza

  • Okay. So I have a .capx where objects with the bullet behavior, fired by a platformer player, follow the path of the ground, but the player does not.

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  • It has a few problems- majorly that it handles concave but not convex ground.

  • Hello,

    I can't open the .capx it says I don't have that version. I'm using the latest stable version.

  • Are you familiar with the beta versions?

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