how do i ..manage multiple levels /w <100 events

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  • hello

    i got my player movement and mechanics set up layout 1 with about 70 events

    if i want to create another level i need another layout - that new layout is empty upon creation and it makes me wonder - how do i get my events that define mechanics/movement into the new level/layout

    i can do it if i copy and paste all my events over to the new layout but that puts me beyond the 100event limit

    is there any other way to re-use / recycle previously build mechanics on multiple levels without recreating them on every new layout and thus going beyond the 100event limit ?

    thanks in advance !

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  • Hi

    You have to create an eventsheet for your player movement and mechanics and include this eventsheet in all your layout eventsheet.

    Right click and select "include event sheet"

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  • edit : thanks ! found it

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