How do I get Joystick to work with web games for testing

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  • Hi there,

    I am looking to do some work in CocoonJS to try and see if I can get a game on the Ouya that way. I figured it would be good though to be able to test a game controller on the browser before so i can be sure i'm doing things right in C2 before shooting off builds to CocoonJS.

    However I have several controllers that i know are working in Windows 8.1 I'm using Chrome for my default browser to test with. It seems that my games ignore my joystick inputs. I know the controls should work because i have an "or" condition with keyboard which responds fine.. it just doesn't seem that the joystick inputs are making it to the browser.

    I didn't see any tutorials or forum posts that really talked about joystick/browser/troubleshooting so I thought I'd ask here.



    PS, has anyone been able to use CocoonJS with C2 to make a game for the Ouya? I know several games on the Ouya have been ported over (though not with C2 as far as I can tell) like this one it's not much to look at, but at least it shows someone was able to do it with HTML5/CocoonJS.. now it's time to see if we can use C2 to accomplish the same results.. they even got the IAP stuff working which is especially exciting (I like trial modes for Ouya games)

  • I'm using a PS3 controller and DS3 tool-driver from motioninjoy. The game controller object is working fine for me!

    Maybe it has something to do with the controller you're using?

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  • yea i'm not using any special drivers, so maybe that's the issue. I'm using standard windows-supported game controllers that are working with other games like my NES emulator so I know the controllers are talking to the PC, but it's not making it to Chrome.

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