Google Analytics trick for CocoonJS exported apps

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  • Hi everyone!

    I just found this solution, to bring GA in my game exported for CocoonJS:

    This is an interesting method, that doesn't needed an external hosting. But description for that I think is written for programmers, but not for any other people Unfortunately author don't answer.

    [quote:2z6vvz0g]Use analytics.js (GA Universal Analytics) with Ludei's CocoonJS Canvas+ apps by making use of the WebView

    No external hosting is needed anymore.

    Files on Git:

    1) analytics.js

    2) analytics_web_view.html

    3) cocoon.js

    4) index.html (Me: not same as in Construct2 game archive)

    How To use:

    1) Download and add contents to file analytics.js.

    2) Set up a new property in Google Analytics to track a mobile app.

    3) Modify the web property ID (UA-#) in index.html

    4) Test it on your phone using Canvas+ environment on your CocoonJS Launcher.

    5) Your ScreenView should be visible in your real-time Google Analytics report.

    Anyone who can understand what I should do with these files after all changes - Please comment here.

    It would be useful for many people.

    Thank you!

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