How do I Get Google Analytics to register data

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  • Hi there,

    So I'm using XDK with a project and I have the cranberry plugin setup.. I have the Track ID "UA-bla bla bla" and I have it in the iOS and Android slots since I figure I don't really care to track each individually for now.

    That said I also have audible cues set to fire off when I get "on event track succeeded" and "on screen event succeeded" so this (in my mind) tells me the messages are making it to GA.. and yet after many plays and confirmed calls, no activity is showing up.

    However I was getting mixed messages with the cranberry cordova plugin.. in the read me it says:

    "3.Install plugin

    Now all the native plugins are installed automatically"

    so there are no instructions to how to add the GA plugin to XDK... I googled around and found one that I'm currently using which is a plugin id "cordova-plugin-google-analytics" assuming we're using cordova 5.0 or better..

    found here:

    Does anyone have any ideas on this? I may try flurry as an alternative, but I just thought google might be more straightforward

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  • part12studios

    I had problems with GA myself a few weeks back compiling with cocoon and xdk. I got it working when I swapped out the danwilson plugin for: ... plugin.git

    Other things GA side: You might need to wait a while for the analytics to start getting picked up and dont forget to change you analytics date range to include the current day.

  • thanks for the filter tip. that did help! i see some activity..

    one question about the git link. there was no "plugin" for c2 that i could see. just source files and such. is there a trick to making it a plugin somehow? I'm not a javascript coder so while i see the files, i don't know how that would be made into a plugin that c2 would recognize.

    also if i could impose one more question on this subject.. how do i find the specific names of "event" and "layout" values I pass to GA? it seems like there is a sea of options and tabs and choices and nothing jumps out at me as "here is how many of those dings" you got.. which ultimately is all i need to know (i think) from this monstrous service of information that is GA

    I do see information, which is huge.. i'm glad i'm not crazy.. but in my case i had two events firing off numerous times.. where / how do I isolate those values it captured? like.. one question is how many times did the game replay? how many times did a player enter the layout.. two very different events to be captured but i guess this screenshot shows all events that came in from 2-3 people who have played it:



  • part12studios

    oops! Dont click the link. Right click and 'copy link address' and paste it into the url field when adding the plugin in xdk.

    GA is a beast. Try going to: Behaviour -> events -> overview.

  • Ahhhh ok understood, I didn't get that. sweet!

    Just asking though, it appears to be working with the existing plugin payh / plugin id.. are you saying the link above works better? in what way? just more reliable or is there something else special about it?

    I'm asking just because I'm usually in the mindset of "if it ain't broke.. don't fix it"

    Also yes I do see the event and layout following those directions. fantastic, so badass.



  • Youre right. If its working, dont touch anything

    My problem was tracking screens worked but tracking events did not. I then used the above plugin and it fixed it. It may have been a cocoon only fix though and nothing to do with xdk.

  • ah yes, bah so annoying.. you never know.. like i'm on XDK now because i was dealing with the black screen problem that mysteriously decides to happen now but totally didn't happen once with a prior game.. and now even with THAT prior game the black screen happens.. always something.. i'd go back to cocoon if i could just figure out what's up.. i was using C2 v 227 which might be the issue but i'm in the newer version so there is no realistic going back.

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