Erasing only the top line of text from a spritefont object

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  • Having a lot of trouble with this. I'm building a pretty bog-standard dialog system for an RPG. It reads text from an array based on keys (I edit the array as a JSON in a separate program I've built and then export that, then I load the JSON into an array at the start of the project.)

    The dialog system appends text to the front of the spritefont object based on an index so you get that simple text filled-in-one-letter-at-a-time thing that looks nice.

    This works pretty great, until we fill up the spritefont object, because what I would like is for the system to "erase" the top line of text and the continue to append as normal, and I cannot seem to figure out how to erase just that line of text before moving forward.

    To slightly complicate matters a bit more, I am trying to build this in such a way that I don't use set values for things like character height, because I may try localizing it and using different spritefont objects for other languages. As such, it needs to accommadate any number of character heights/widths.

    Any suggestions on this issue would be appreciated!

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  • I think I can help you, post a capx with the parts you need to solve, and will try to solve it

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