How do I display Simple Chinese text?

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  • Hi there,

    The Ouya recently got a huge investment buy in from a chinese investor and they are looking to bring their library over to China. This brings up the requirement to have games that work with simple chinese.

    I did a quick test with ariel and pasting something like this "简单" in there shows boxes. Is there some trick to be able to access simple chinese characters?

    C2 shows the characters in the text field but what comes out on the layout is boxes.



  • Hey part12studios,

    I've done a fair amount of Construct using Chinese though I make use of 繁體 mostly since I develop for Taiwan frequently. If you set the font to a Chinese font like 黑體 for example, they should display in the layout correctly. Also, even if the font displays as boxes in Construct, if you run a Web Preview or export the project, when testing in browser it should correctly display Chinese for the user assuming user has a standard Chinese typeface installed.

  • cacotigon cool that's very helpful. I took that text from

    Are there many chinese fonts out there? Are there any in particular that would be considered the best/safest? You know how we have fonts like arial and times new roman which are standard fonts.

    I'm targeting the Ouya which is an android device and don't know what fonts android has installed by default or if perhaps I'm required to bundle the font I want to use in my project.

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  • Hmmm, I'm not sure to be honest. I think the standard Chinese fonts (at least for Windows anyway) are SimSun which is used for simplified and SimHei which is largely used for traditional Chinese.

    As far as Android, I believe that the default typeface Droid includes support for Simplified Chinese (GB2312) and Traditional Chinese (Big 5).

  • awesome that's all very helpful thanks for sharing.



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